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Verging into spamming territory . . .


Tour ad

. . . to quote one of my OCs, but this could not pass without a squeeee post! 

As I do most days, I popped onto the WWE website to check out what's shaking, and what's the first banner ad I see, but the one above.

Now, as you will see from this nifty little countdown clock down at the bottom of this post (yes, another one, because this one has a cool flames and skulls background I couldn't resist!) . . .

. . . there are only 25 days to the Smackdown/ECW date here in BrisVegas. The tour starts almost a week earlier than that in New Zealand.

They're obviously looking for folks to keep buying up those tickets. And I have already blogged about the card for the evening here in BrisVegas mentioning a match for the winner of an over the top rope Battle Royale facing 'Taker for the championship.

And I know that the card is subject to change without notice . . . but you'll forgive me a tiny squeeeee of excitement that they're putting 'Taker's picture on the ad for the tour, along with Batista, who's been there all along.

I am taking this is a positive omen that come June 17, this little fanbrat will be seeing the Undertaker in the flesh!

This could not come at a better time for me, in all seriousness. I've been majorly stressed by work lately - I love my job, but there's far more work than I can manage in three days a week, and I've been scared sick that they'll let me go in favour of bringing in someone full time.

I finally had the chance to talk to my manager, after falling into a miserable heap with the anxiety of not being able to keep on top of things, and she assured me that she wants most definitely to keep me, and that her preference is to bring someone in to help with the workload.

That person started this week, and she's a brilliant brilliant help - she's picked things up really quickly, and is now confident enough that she'll be working on her own for the next two days while I'm not in the office.

That's taken such a weight off my mind - I went home last night not feeling stressed, for the first time in months.

And I'm into hospital tonight for some tests - nothing serious, but it's certainly easier to face that without the added stress of work on top of it.

So being able to hopefully look forward to seeing Kane and 'Taker in one night, and me with a vid camera in my cellphone . . . oh man, I am so grabbing video of them both!!!!!

Colour me happy!


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