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Taking the good with the bad . . .

one night stand

And because I chose to, let's start with the good. 

Kane as the poster boy for One Night Stand . . . oh my fucking god, how hot is that? 

That picture alone is worth a wet dream or two, and the damn trailer for it - how can that man be that fucking sexy, seriously? 

And that picture - why is it that he looks even more naked wearing the leather apron, like the mighty Vulcan at his forge? Makes me want to ride him hard and put him away wet. I'm even jealous of the make-up girl who got to smear the smudges over his chest! 

Now, while we leave that part of my brain concerned with smutting Kane alone with its thoughts of doing him repeatedly in front of the fire , let's turn our attention to Judgment Day and the events preceding it. 

Haven't gotten around to watching all of Smackdown from the week before Judgment Day yet, but I did see the match 'Taker had with Vicki and the dead heads - I'm sorry, that was a typo, I meant the dickheads, of course. 

I am so so so over this whole "let's fuck with 'Taker" thing. Unless he gets to have some serious extra air time and go rampaging through the place like a one man wrecking crew. For fuck's sake, the man's a fucking legend in this business, give him the fucking title already!! 

I may forgive them if this is building to something monumental that ends up with Edge and Vicki dismembered and 'Taker with the title welded permanently around his waist. But it's gonna have to be something phenomenal to make up for this shit. Seriously. 

I ummed and ahhhed about ordering Judgment Day, because I knew it was gonna be a screw job, but in the end I went ahead with it. 

Snoozed through Cena and JBL. I'm liking John Cena more and more, but JBL? Fucking forget it - the man's a walking snoozefest, and I had no desire to watch Cena carry his ass through the match. 

Kane and CM Punk versus Miz and Morrison was pretty good, although a no-brainer - no-one in their right mind would believe that Kane and Punk were gonna pick up the titles that easy. Not when they can get months of great matches out of it beforehand. 

I even enjoyed the Women's title match - at least they were wrestling, instead of just screaming and hairpulling. 

Y2J and HBK was great - they never disappoint. Not to mention being excellent eye candy! 

Edge versus 'Taker - look, I've said it before, and I'm gonna keep saying it. Mark is in fucking incredible physical shape, and these matches are just showcasing it. The screw job he's getting makes me grind my teeth, and I really hope they can pull some decent storyline out of this to try to offset that. 

And the whole Edge and Vicki thing does appear to be kind of disintegrating - on Smackdown prior to Judgment Day, Chavo and Bam refused to enter the ring for the screw job match against 'Taker. Hopefully this will continue into everyone stepping away from Vicki and Edge, and him finally "dumping" her when he realises that even with all this shit, he ain't getting what he wants, which is a lock on the championship. 

I was kind of pleased at first when they offered Vicki an on-air spot after Eddie died. I figured it was their way of helping her out with her family, and frankly it's the kind of thing I'd expect from the McMahons and the way they look after their people in general. 

But I'm with the gals over on wwegirls - this current storyline is almost disrespectful to Eddie's memory. The whole romance angle mostly - I mean, Eddie and Chavo always made better heels than they did faces, so I can live with Vicki being a heel. But doing it for this soppy love with Edge - nah, that's just pathetic. 

Oh, and one more thing before I quite rambling - how much do I love Mick Foley as a colour commentator on Smackdown? He's always been tops in my books, because of his books, and I am seriously thrilled to hear his perspectives, as opposed to Coach's nonsensical utterings. 
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