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Fan fiction work in progress - Fireworks (Part 51/?)


(Again, a huge thank you to panthology and her mad skillz for this graphic!)


Features: Undertaker (Mark Calaway)

Rating: NC17 for language and sexual situations

Usual disclaimer - own nothing but my original characters, all the other people own themselves, WWE owns the trademark names, I'm doing this to exercise my creativity and for the sheer pleasure of writing. Ask my therapist!

This chapter's a birthday present for
utssq - one of the first people I met in the wrestling fandom, back a whole bunch of years ago. Happy birthday, chica - here, have some 'Taker smut! ;-)

Thanks for reading and remember - feedback is always appreciated. I'm writing for the love of it, but I'm publishing to hear the opinions of others.

And since updating's a bit sporadic, and to save you trawling back through the archives (although I have helpfully tagged all the chapters!), you'll find links to all the earlier chapters


After they'd eaten, they dressed and Harley took Mark out into her garage.

She unlocked a sturdy metal cabinet. Inside was a collection of tools most home handymen would drool over, all neatly stored. And while they were well looked after, they'd all seen their fair share of use.

Mark found himself reminded again that under normal circumstances, Harley was indeed a frontier woman of sorts. While he had no doubt that she could hire contractors to keep her place up, those tools said she was used to doing most of it herself.

She reached into a cabinet for an axe, a leather sleeve buckled over the blade. He took it out of her hands as she picked up a whetstone from one of the shelves, once that had the edge of it worn to a curve from years of use.

Once they went outside, he could see the wood was stacked neatly against the outer wall of the garage, under an extended overhang.

Harley sat on the weathered and scarred stump that served as her chopping block and used the whetstone to patiently bring the blade of the axe to full sharpness while Mark carried a dozen or so logs over closer to the stump.

Her eyebrows raised as she set the axe carefully aside and stood up. "Mark, that's way more than I need!"

He smiled and chucked her gently under the chin. "That's just for starters, Kate."

She was about to protest and he lay a finger against her lips. "Hear me out, darlin'. I'm staying in your house, so I'm using this wood too. And I'm hoping it won't be the last time you invite me here."

"It won't," she admitted, taking his hand from her lips.

"See? Plus I'm hoping that you're going to be all kinds of impressed by my manly display of brute strength chopping this wood for you, so I can get you into bed later!" He grinned at her.

She laughed, as he he'd hoped she would.

He lifted the axe and swung it up behind his neck, draping his wrists over the handle on either side of his head, intending to do some stretches before he got down to work. He was aware that was going to show off his physique too. He was a performer with his fair share of ego, after all.

He wasn't prepared for what happened next. Harley climbed up on top of her chopping block. Which put her just about at his height. She put both hands on his face and pulled him in to kiss him.

As their lips parted, he smiled. "Wow, impressed already?"

She chuckled, jumping down off the stump. "Never hurts to be encouragin'!"

As she stepped safely back from the stump, he began stretching in earnest, twisting from side to side, and then swinging the axe experimentally.

And then he went to work. He'd split his share of firewood in his life. And Harley had honed the blade to the kind of edge that made it even easier. As someone who had spent hours in the gym lifting some serious weights, he wouldn't call it hard work, but it was good exercise.

Once he'd warmed up, he stripped down to his t-shirt. Harley certainly seemed to appreciate the view, watching him intently.

For a little while, at least. Then she disappeared back into the garage. He was in a rhythm now, and noted that only in passing.

She reappeared a few minutes later, carrying a large wicker basket that had been sitting beside the split wood in the garage.

Setting it down well out of his way, she started prowling the edge of the clearing. He watched her as he set up his next log, and realized she was collecting twigs and small branches. Kindling, he figured. He liked that she was using deadfall for that, but decided he'd split a log or two fine enough for kindling as well.

Now he was in the rhythm, he was enjoying the manual labour. Much as he enjoyed his gym workouts, or helping Jake out around his own place.

He alternated between splitting logs and taking them in to stack them in the garage. And thanked Harley with a kiss when he brought him a bottle of water a little while later, laying the axe aside.

By that point, he was about ready to split her kindling for her. So he took the water and brushed the splinters off the stump before sitting and drawing her down onto his lap.

He took a long swallow of water, wrapping his arm around her waist.

She gave him a smile. "Thanks, Mark - I really appreciate this."

He nuzzled her gently. "Told you it was no trouble, Kate. Going to split these last few logs into kindling - that suit you?"

She nodded. "That would be great, thanks."

She got up from his lap, and he handed her the bottle of water. He used the axe to split her kindling for her. She collected it as he worked, putting it in the basket.

Once he was done, he handed her the axe while he carried the rest of the split wood and the basket into the garage for her. The sight of the wood stacked up gave him a good feeling.

She was cleaning the axe blade carefully as he set the basket down. He came over to where she worked, his hoodie draped haphazardly over one shoulder, and leaned down to kiss her cheek.

"I'm going to hit the shower and clean up, Kate," he said.

She turned to give him a smile. "You've earned that much at least, I reckon."

With one last nuzzle, he headed for the bathroom, stripping off his clothes and getting into the shower.

There was something intensely satisfying about the feel of muscles well used, he thought as he rinsed the last of the soap off later and turned off the water.

As he opened the shower door to reach for a towel, he blinked in surprise. His clothes, which he'd left in a rather untidy scatter on the bathroom floor, were gone. And Harley was leaning against the doorframe.

He wondered if she'd been upset at the mess - he hadn't picked her as a neat freak, but it wasn't as though the mess was anything but short term. At least, just until he got out of the shower anyway.

He dried off his face and looked over at her. "Everything okay, Kate?"

She nodded. "Just fine and dandy, thanks Mark."

He started towelling dry. "Can't help but notice my clothes have gone missing."

"Oh, that," she said. "Told you it was my preference to keep you naked." She grinned.

He couldn't miss the way her eyes were travelling over him, Grinning himself now, he stepped out of the shower and used the towel on his hair. "You know what they say, Kate - be careful what you wish for. You may just get it."

"Well then, color me happy, darlin'," she murmured, her eyes never leaving his body.

Laughing, he hung the towel up neatly and came over to where she stood, bending down to kiss her gently. "Sorry if I left a mess, sweetheart, but you don't need to be picking up after me. Just let me know if I'm doing something that bothers you, and I'll do my best to mend my ways."

She flapped a hand at him. "It was nothing like that, Mark - I was just doing a load of laundry and figured I'd toss them in with my stuff. I hope that's okay."

He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. "It's right sweet of you, Kate - thank you."

Looking up at him, she ran her fingers lightly over his back. "Ain't nothin' sweet about it, trust me - it's all about keepin' you naked, remember?"

"And what do you plan to do with me, now you're keeping me naked?" he asked.

Her response to that was to take his hand and lead him not to the bedroom, but the living room.

As she guided him to sit on the sofa, he nodded to the fireplace, where she already had a fire burning. "You have been busy, Kate."

She chuckled. "If I'm keeping you naked, last thing I want is you catching cold."

He patted the sofa beside him. With a shake of her head, she moved to stand in front of him, and with a sultry smile, sank to her knees.

It was his turn to shake his head, reaching out to take her hand. "Sweetheart, if you're about to do what I think you're about to do . . . "

"What is it, Mark?" she asked, lifting his hand to her lips and brushing a kiss over his fingers.

"Undress for me, Kate," he said, his voice husky. "Let me look at you."

She let go of his hand as she rose to her feet. Already barefoot, she tugged her t-shirt off over her head and threw it aside carelessly.

It was a toss-up what was more of a turn on, she thought as her hands went to the fly of her jeans - his indrawn breath at her bare breasts, or the sight of his cock starting to stiffen. She pushed her jeans and panties down and stepped out of them, kicking them aside before sinking back to her knees in front of him.

He bent forward, taking her face in both hands and kissing her gently.

As their lips parted, she took his hands and kissed each palm softly before setting them down on his thighs. Her own hands moved to his knees, pushing his legs apart.

Mark leaned back with a sound of pleasure, his eyes travelling hungrily over her. Her hands caressed his thighs as she settled into a more comfortable position, and then she leaned forward, trailing her lips along the length of his thigh.

He caught his breath as she nuzzled between his legs and her tongue flickered over his testicles.

Looking down, his eyes were caught by hers as she wrapped her fingers loosely around his shaft, and he couldn't help a groan as her tongue traced a wet path along the underside.

Harley licked her lips, and then swirled her tongue slowly around the head of Mark's cock. He wasn't fully erect yet but she figured that wasn't going to take long. She slid her lips slowly down over his cockhead, giving a shudder of pleasure at her first taste of him.

Her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock, stroking him very lightly as her lips and tongue explored his cockhead.

As she suspected, he continued to swell at the touch of her hand and mouth. She knew that once he was fully erect, she wouldn't easily be able to fit him in her mouth. With that in mind, she angled her head as she bent forward, taking him deeper into her mouth as her tongue pressed wetly against him.

Mark moaned, one hand moving to caress her shoulder. She made a sound of pleasure deep in her throat, which had his hips coming up off the sofa in reaction.

He hardened further, and soon his thickness was too much for her. Undeterred, she stroked him slowly with one hand while working his swollen cockhead in and out of her lips.

"Oh god, Kate!" he panted.

She swirled her tongue through his pre-ejaculate and then closed her lips again over his cockhead with a moan at his taste.

His hips came up sharply at that, and his hand clutched at her shoulder. She lifted her eyes to his face, and gave another moan at his expression. Knowing that she was turning him on, making him feel good, was damn satisfying.

Mark's hands petted and caressed her gently as he moaned her name. She had him almost beyond words, but he had to let her know she was there with him, that what she was doing was more than just appreciated.

His eyes never left hers as he stroked her hair back over her shoulder, even as his hips shifted and rolled up to that warm, wet mouth.

His breathing grew heavier.

That was music to Harley's ears. And his touching was nice, too - he wasn't directing or 'encouraging', just . . . affectionate. It had her practically purring.

She wasn't expecting miracles. Not the first time. She had to learn what he liked, and then work on what drove him crazy. For now, she'd be happy with getting him off. Or if he were one of those rare guys who couldn't get off with a blow job, then at least getting him to the point where he was ready to finish however he preferred.

Had he known what she was thinking - and if he'd been capable of anything other than moans - Mark would have told her that, like hand jobs, there was no such animal as a bad blow job. At least, not where she was concerned.

She had him right where she wanted him, frankly. Which was perfectly fine with him. The combination of her hand and her lips was definitely turning him on, and it wasn't long before he started feeling that tightening in his testicles.

He moaned, his hips lifting. "God, Kate, I'm close!"

Proving she'd paid attention in the shower the day before, Harley's hand moved quicker as she stroked him, while her lips and tongue worked wetly over his cockhead.

Moments later, Mark gave a deep groan as he came. Harley's hand slowed, but her lips remained around him, her tongue soft on his tender flesh.

The groan turned into a low moan as Mark's body relaxed into post-orgasmic bonelessness. He brought one hand up to stroke Harley's hair as he caught his breath, chest heaving for a few moments.

She looked up at him with a smile, nuzzling her head to his touch.

Once he'd had a chance to recover, he bent forward and lifted her into his lap, leaning back as his arms wrapped around her. She snuggled in close to him.

He was content, cuddling her close, his hand stroking her hair. After a few minutes, once he'd had the chance to gather scattered thoughts, he nuzzled his cheek to the top of her head.

"Tell me the truth, Kate - was that because you're feeling too sore after yesterday for anything else?"

She sat up from his chest and looked into his face. And her heart melted at the concern in his eyes. She got the feeling this was an old wound - one that had cut him very deep. Once again, she was struck by how hard it must have been for him at times, being such a big man.

She smiled at him. "I'm perfectly fine. That was just my way of thanking you for your morning's work with an axe."

He blinked, and then grinned, jerking his thumb over his shoulder. "I can go back out there, you know."

Laughing, she took his face in her hands and nuzzled her nose to his. "Just so you know, wielding an axe isn't the only thing that'll lead to me . . . "

He stopped her words with a kiss, pulling her close to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, losing herself in the kiss.

Once their lips parted, Harley rested her head on Mark's shoulder. He caressed her gently, feeling very relaxed.

Her voice came to him, accompanied by the delightful tickle of her breath on his neck. "Are you sure I'm not too heavy?"

He patted her hip. "Day I can't take a pretty woman sitting on my lap is a long way off, sweetheart. 'Specially a naked one."

She laughed, but she got off his lap a little later, when the sound of beeping told her the laundry needed attention. She kissed him, and to his delight, left her clothes where they'd landed on the floor as she headed for the hallway. He followed her a moment later.

She was in a room at the end of the hallway. He'd noticed the door the first night in her cabin, while he was heading for the bathroom.

Looking inside now, he realized this was her utility room. A washer and dryer sat side by side, and tucked into one corner was a sizeable gun safe.

As she transferred the laundry from the washer to the dryer, she glanced back at him curiously.
He grinned. "I ain't done looking at you, sweetheart."

She just laughed.


It had been a delightful afternoon, Mark mused later. Mundane tasks like laundry and packing were vastly improved by the opportunity to look and touch, kiss and fondle.

To his pleasure, Harley agreed to come to Houston with him for their next days off, and had called the travel people immediately to change her flights to match his.

Now, with a meatloaf cooking in the oven, and smelling pretty damned good, he was sitting on the sofa in front of the fire.

Harley came back from the kitchen and sat down beside him, patting his thigh.

He turned to her. "It's bed time, Kate."

She blinked in surprise. They had an early start tomorrow, certainly, but it was only barely getting dark. She gestured toward the kitchen, confused. "But dinner's still cooking!"

"Not that kind of bed time, sweetheart," he said, running his hand over her shoulder slowly.

And then, quicker than she would ever have credited, he turned and scooped her up in his arms.

As he stood up and strode towards the bedroom, carrying her against his chest, he grinned. "Probably should have warned you that seeing you in one of my shirts usually leads to me wanting to get you out of it." She'd donned his t-shirt again mid-afternoon.

She nuzzled into his neck. "And we have to be in bed for you to manage this?"

"Uh huh. Got plans for you, darlin'," he said as he lay her down on the bed.

She propped herself on her elbows and watched while he took off his shorts. He climbed onto the bed and moved so that he was straddling her legs. His hands moved slowly up her body, pushing the t-shirt off.
She lifted her arms to help him undress her, and ran her hands over his chest as she lay back.

For long moments, they simply looked at one another, and then Mark moved, stretching out beside her.
Before she could do anything, his hand was on her shoulder, brushing her hair away from her neck. As he kissed and nuzzled her throat, he slowly moved her onto her side, spooning in behind her.

Once again, to Harley's delight, foreplay was leisurely. And Mark was firmly in the driver's seat. Both hands free to pet and caress her, while his lips roamed over her neck and shoulders.

Cuddled against his big body, it wasn't long before Harley was reduced to soft sounds of pleasure at his touch.

His hands moved to cup her breasts then. Stroking his fingers gently over her skin, he nuzzled behind her ear.

She wriggled against him, feeling him start to harden. Which was even more arousing than his touch.

It also set up a delicious loop - the more she wriggled, the harder he got. And the harder he got, the more she wriggled.

Mark's touch on her breasts moved to tweaking her nipples, which had her moaning. He'd not missed the fact that was one of her turn ons.

He nuzzled behind her ear, his voice husky. "You like that, sweetheart?"

She ground her ass back against his erection with another moan. "You know I do."

He rolled her nipple between thumb and forefinger, pleased at how that made her arch and wriggle against him. "Yeah, I do."

His other hand stroked slowly down her side. He lifted her leg, parting her thighs, and insinuated his knee between them. A slight shift on the bed, and as he nudged his hips to her ass, his hard cock slipped between her legs, sliding through her wet folds. He gave a low moan as his cockhead moved against that soft flesh.

Harley whimpered with pleasure as his hands went back to her breasts and he rocked his hips, his cockhead nudging her clit.

He nuzzled behind her ear. "Guide me in, sweetheart."

She reached between her legs, placing her hand over his thick shaft, palm brushing lightly against his cockhead. His size was still something of a surprise to her. She wriggled in anticipation of having him inside her again.

Shifting her hips, she pressed her fingers gently against him, giving a soft moan as his cockhead slipped inside her. A moment later, Mark's hand covered hers as he rolled his hips forward, sliding slowly inside her.

Her head lolled back against his shoulder as she shuddered with pleasure. He nuzzled her neck with a moan of his own.

Neither of them moved for a moment. Then Mark gently moved her hand away, wrapping his arm around her hip. His lips tracked a line of kisses along her throat as his hips thrust slowly to hers.

He was once again firmly in control, big hands holding her close to him as his hips moved. And he was in no hurry, content with slow thrusts and gentle caresses.

Harley was in no position to complain. Held against him, she was comfortable. And . . . cossetted. Those big hands petted and stroked. Demanding nothing, simply giving.

Mark nuzzled behind her ear, his voice low as his hand moved over her belly. "You make sure you tell me if I'm hurting you, sweetheart."

She ground her hips back to his with a soft moan. "Not hurting me a bit."

His other hand brushed lightly over one hard nipple. "Good. 'Cause you feel too damn good for me to stop."

Being inside her did feel damn good, but now he wanted to know what she liked. So his hips shifted and rolled as he caressed her, paying careful attention to every response. His fingers tweaked one hard nipple, and she gasped, her back arching.

That tilted her hips, so his next thrust stroked over her g-spot. Her nails dug into his forearm as she shuddered helplessly, moaning as her inner walls clenched around him.

His hips stilled, and he nuzzled her throat. "Think I just found something else you like."

She panted for a moment, then ground her hips back to his. "Do it again!"

His lips curved into a smile against her neck. "Yes, ma'am."

Gripping her hip, he kept her still as his hips rolled forward again. He was rewarded with a whimper of pleasure as she clutched at his arm again.

That told him all he needed to know. He kept his thrusts slow, but he could feel her starting to tighten around him. Which felt even more delicious.

Her breathing was becoming ragged, and he drank in the sound and feel of her. When moments later she cried out with her orgasm, it took every ounce of his self-control not to finish with her. His hips paused again, and he relished the feel of her spasms as she trembled in his arms.

It took a few moments for Harley to collect her scattered wits. The first thing she registered was that she was still held safe in Mark's arms. The second thing had her blinking in surprise. She shifted her hips fractionally and confirmed it, feeling his hardness still deep inside her.

Now she was puzzled. "Mark? You didn't . . . "

He nuzzled her throat gently. "Not yet, Kate. Want to see if I can make you do that again, sweetheart. 'Cause it felt so damn good the first time."

His hips rolled forward again and she moaned as his thickness stroked along walls still quivering from her orgasm.

After the first few slow thrusts, Mark could tell that Harley was still over-stimulated. Time to change things up.

One hand firmly holding her hip, he snapped his hips forward, thrusting deep inside her.

She gasped and rolled her hips back to his.

That was the response he was looking for. He wrapped his arm around her waist, making another hard thrust as he drawled in her ear. "Found something else you like, huh?"

She moaned and ground her hips back to his. "Don't stop!"

It was all the invitation he needed. His voice was low. "Not planning to, darlin'."

His hips pistoned to hers, hard and fast. Her head arched back on his shoulder as she moaned with pleasure.

His lips tracked along her throat, his breathing starting to become heavy as he neared his own orgasm.
Mindful of not hurting her, he had a moment's concern when her hand brushed against his arm. Until he realized she had reached down to play with her clit.

With a panted moan, he brought his own hand down to cover hers. "Let me help, sweetheart."

Harley whimpered breathlessly and shifted her hand. Now it covered his, and she guided his fingers to her swollen bud. As she pressed them against it, her inner walls clenched in response.

He wasn't going to last long if she kept that up, he thought wildly, as his fingers continued to play with that slippery little nub.

Her whimpers and moans as she rocked her hips urgently between the torment of his fingers and his thrusts just excited him more.

Just when he thought he'd lose what control he had over his own excitement, Harley's hips bucked sharply as she keened in pleasure.

With a groan of his own, he wrapped his arm around her waist as he made a final thrust, letting the buck of her hips take him over the edge with her.

Harley moaned as she felt him swell and pump inside her, shuddering in response.

Mark was reduced to harsh panting for long moments, but he kept his arm around her, holding her close.

She brought her hand up to cover his, turning her head to nuzzle at his throat.

When he'd caught his breath, he pressed a kiss to her hair. She gave a languid sigh and cuddled more into him.

He caressed her belly very gently. "Everything okay, Kate?"

"Mmm hmm," she murmured. "Just having me a little moment."

Nuzzling her hair, he smiled. "What kind of moment, sweetheart?"

"I like to call this one my 'Good lord, my man's one fantastic lover!' moment, actually."

He chuckled. "Now sweetheart, it takes two to tango. You're pretty damn fantastic yourself."

She eased away from him, just enough to turn over, and took his face in her hands, kissing him.

He wrapped his arms around her. Yep, a damn fine couple of days.


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