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Fan fiction work in progress - Fireworks (Part 50/?)


(Again, a huge thank you to panthology and her mad skillz for this graphic!)


Features: Undertaker (Mark Calaway)

Rating: NC17 for language and sexual situations

Usual disclaimer - own nothing but my original characters, all the other people own themselves, WWE owns the trademark names, I'm doing this to exercise my creativity and for the sheer pleasure of writing. Ask my therapist!

Once again, we're deep in the belly of the beast here, so if sexual situations are not your thing . . . you know what to do.

Thanks for reading and remember - feedback is always appreciated. I'm writing for the love of it, but I'm publishing to hear the opinions of others.

And since updating's a bit sporadic, and to save you trawling back through the archives (although I have helpfully tagged all the chapters!), you'll find links to all the earlier chapters


Even so, it took them a while to get out of the shower. Now that they had got their hands on one another, letting go became an issue. They dried one another off, taking advantage of every chance to kiss and fondle.

Finally, Mark scooped Harley off her feet and carried her into the bedroom. He lay her down on the bed, running one big hand over her body as he sat beside her.

She arched to his touch with a soft moan, and reached out for him. He let her pull him down into a kiss, but sat up again as their lips parted, smiling at her.

"Come back here!" she pouted.

"Don't think so, darlin'," he chuckled, moving down to her feet.

She wondered what he had in mind, until his hands went to her hips, easily shifting her on the bed so that he could lie between her legs. He looked up at her with a wolfish expression, and ducked his head to nuzzle at her thighs.

She gave a tiny whimper as he patted her hip gently. A whimper that grew louder once he lowered his head and swiped his tongue through the soft folds of her sex.

"Oh dear God!" she panted.

He gave a little growl as he relished his first taste of her, and lifted his eyes to look along the length of her body at her. He didn't say a word, but his eyes stayed locked to hers as he extended his tongue for another slow lick.

She squirmed restlessly on the bed as he dropped his gaze to give her his full attention. Which moments later had her moaning helplessly as his lips and tongue caressed every part of her.

He shifted position slightly, big hands gently holding her, listening to every sound she made, noting every buck and squirm as he learned just what she liked.

Harley was reduced to breathless whimpering before long, to Mark's delight. And when she reached down to grab a handful of his hair with a loud gasp, he took that as a sure sign he was doing something right.

Moments later, she cried out with a sharp buck of her hips. He lapped very softly at her as his hands stroked her hips gently. He could feel her trembling.

He sat up, wiping his hand over his mouth and chin with a smile. She looked up at him with a slightly dazed expression, which only added to his satisfaction.

He lay down beside her and gently pulled her into his arms. She cuddled against him, still trembling. His hands stroked her back slowly.

After a few minutes, she lifted her head to look at him.

"Wow," was about all she could manage.

He gave her a wide smile.

"No, really - wow!" she protested with a soft laugh. "You . . . really know what you're doing down there!"

He laughed himself then, patting her back gently. "I enjoy it, Kate. Got a taste for it, you might say."

She leaned up to kiss him, murmuring, "So I see."

He gave a groan of pleasure at that, his tongue flicking into her mouth as he pulled her close. "Now that I know you like it, expect to get a lot more of it."

He wasn't kidding. He truly loved cunnulingus. Discovering a woman's taste, what she enjoyed, and giving that to her just for the sake of making her feel good was a serious turn on for him.

She made a contented sound as she settled against him. Now that they'd let off a little steam, maybe she could indulge her other senses. Some nice leisurely touching for starters.

The afternoon sun slanted through the windows, filling the bedroom with light. Harley ran her fingertips lightly over Mark's chest, marvelling afresh at his size. Up close, his skin was beautiful. Fair, but there were pale freckles dotted across it.

His chest was smooth, which was the case for most of the roster.

Her fingers suddenly paused in their light stroking. A moment later she propped herself up beside him.

Mark's hand rested lightly on her back. "Everything okay, sweetheart?" He'd been rather enjoying her touch.

Harley bit lightly on her lip as her fingers moved again. She turned her head to look at him. "You shave your chest?"

He nodded.

She gave a delighted smile as her fingers continued to move over the faint stubble they'd discovered. "Oh!"

He chuckled, his hand stroking her lower back. "That okay, sweetheart?"

She leaned down to kiss him before laying back beside him, her fingers still brushing over his chest. "Oh it's more than okay, chief. Kinda like it, if you must know."

"Not that I'm complaining, but why is that?" He pressed a kiss to her hair with a smile.

She laughed softly. "I just like that this," she stroked his chest, "matches this." Her hand trailed lightly down his belly and came to rest on the hair that led down to his groin.

That made him shiver a little. "And why is that important, Kate?"

She looked up at him. "Well, I really like a happy trail on a man. Shows me he's a grown man. Plus it leads somewhere real good. Chest hair kinda goes along with that. Man without chest hair . . . where I come from, that's usually a boy, you know?"

He laughed, pulling her closer. "I am no boy, darlin'!"

She leaned up to kiss him, her hand moving back to his chest. "Damn skippy you ain't! But knowing there's chest hair there and you're removing it? I can't explain it - it's a kinda primal thing. Like my hormones just grabbed my eyes by the throat and said, 'Forget what it looks like, this one's all man!' "

He wanted to laugh at the rather mangled way she put it but he nodded. "I know what you mean. Can't tell you how glad I was to see you were natural down there," he gestured to her pubic hair. "Don't know where women get the idea that shaving that off makes 'em look sexier!"

Chuckling herself, Harley kissed his chest. "This is the way the good Lord made me, chief. And I'm ornery enough to tell who anyone who don't like it that I don't give a damn what they think!"

"Like that about you, Kate," Mark said, trailing his fingertips along her spine.

"Good," she murmured, wriggling closer to him. "Because that's another thing that ain't about to change."

He turned towards her, and his hands went to her waist, shifting her up the bed so he could kiss her more easily.

Her hands moved too, going up to stroke through his hair as they kissed. His arms wrapped around her, holding her against him.

He paused for a moment, just appreciating how it felt, her breasts against his chest, the softness of her skin against his belly. Then he gave himself over to kissing her.

Harley was struck once again by how well Mark could kiss. Damn near perfect, she would have said. Throw in the sensual pleasure of finally being skin to skin - that was as good as she had hoped.

But add in those big hands with their gentle caresses and she was absolute putty in his hands. Not that she'd ever admit it, but if he stopped stroking his hands over her back the way he was, she was sure she'd be whimpering in protest.

Her own hands were doing plenty of exploring on their own. She was fascinated by the shift and bunch of his muscles as he moved, however fractionally. While losing herself in a haze of kissing and nuzzling. All in all, a thoroughly delightful experience.

Despite what he'd said in the shower, the twitch of his cock against her thigh caused a blink of surprise. And from the way he pulled her closer, it wasn't some random autonomic response either.

A fact borne out when he tilted his head and kissed her harder. She got her first taste of just how demanding he could be as a lover as his mouth insistently coaxed a response from hers.

A response she was happy to give, as her hands came up to tangle in his hair. And one that left her breathless as their lips parted.

Mark slid one hand down to cup her ass as he nuzzled into her neck. As he pulled her closer against him, she could feel another twitch as his cock continued to harden.

She wriggled against him, her hands roving over his shoulders and arms. "Oh my - is that what I think it is?"

He kissed behind her ear. "Told you it wasn't going to slow me down much."

That deep drawling voice in her ear made her moan as she clutched at his shoulders.

A moment later, his lips sought hers again, and he kissed her hungrily.

And Harley discovered another of those 'real man' things. Or maybe it was a 'Mark' thing. Because he really made the most of foreplay. Kissing and touching, all the while holding her close.

This wasn't the approach of most of her Lost Boys, who seemed to view foreplay as a necessary evil to get her hot and raring to go. As quickly as possible.

Mark's approach had none of that urgency. He was in no hurry. Instead, he seemed content merely for them to enjoy each other. The fact that they were both becoming steadily more aroused seemed incidental.

Incidental but certainly not unimportant. And as their kisses grew deeper, as they pressed closer against one another, Mark's lips left Harley's for a moment.

He looked into her eyes, and without a word, rolled onto his back, easily shifting her on top of him.

With a soft moan, she wriggled against him, feeling his erection against her thigh. And she was certainly ready for him. But the thought of pushing herself up, away from his chest, out of his encircling arms, was giving her pause.

Her hands moved to smooth his hair back from his face as she kissed him, whispering, "Can you sit up?"

"And make love," was the unspoken part of her request, but he nodded in understanding all the same. Before she had a chance to move herself, his hands shifted her legs and he sat up, keeping one arm around her waist.

She drew her knees up, straddling his lap, kissing him again as he shifted up the bed so he could lean against the headboard.

She nuzzled his neck with a low moan of approval, and slid one hand down between their bodies, lifting up just enough to guide him to her sex.

He leaned his head back against the headboard, hands stroking her back, as she sank down slowly on him.

She panted softly as she settled onto his thighs. There were too many sensations - the feel of his hands, warm on her back, the brush of her nipples against his chest, and the thickness of his shaft inside her.

He was the first to move, ducking his head slightly to kiss her as he pulled her closer to him.

She moaned softly into his mouth. This was exactly what she wanted - to be close, to kiss, to touch. She wound her arms around his neck, pressing even closer.

Mark wrapped one arm around her hips, keeping her pulled tightly to him, while his free hand stroked and caressed her. She buried her face in his neck as her fingers toyed with his hair, using her thighs to move her hips in languid thrusts.

"Oh darlin'," he murmured, stroking her hair gently. "That feels so damn good."

She lifted her head and whispered in his ear, "I know."

This time, it really would be slow, he thought, running his hand down her back. This morning had been about need - it had been good, certainly, and worth the wait. Now? They could just relax and savor it.

As Harley continued the slow rocking of her hips, his hand moved to her shoulder and gently brushed her hair back. He pressed a slow line of kisses down her neck.

He nuzzled into her hairline, his tongue darting out to taste her skin, making her shiver against him.

With a soft growl at her response, his lips moved along her neck again, kissing and licking. As she dropped her forehead to his shoulder, he grazed his teeth very gently over her nape.

She shuddered against him, her breath hot against his shoulder as she moaned.

His lips curved into a smile against her skin, and he returned to kissing and licking, wrapping his arm more firmly around her hips.

At the next rock of her hips, he nibbled at the spot where her neck met her shoulder.

With a whimper, she drove her hips harder to his.

He let his lips wander over her neck again, still keeping her pulled tightly to him.

Her hips resumed their languid rocking a few moments later, as her hands stroked gently over his shoulders.

Which was just what he was waiting for. He returned to the juncture of her neck and shoulder, and this time he closed his teeth around it in a firm bite.

Harley gasped, clinging to his shoulders, and to his delight, clenched hard around his cock.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" she panted.

He bathed the spot with his tongue then nuzzled his way to her ear, murmuring huskily, "I think you liked that, darlin'."

She ground her hips to his with a moan.

That was all he needed to know. With his arm around her hips, he urged her to move faster. His hands petted and caressed her while his lips tracked over her neck and shoulder.

He kept her in suspense about how and when, or even if, he'd use his teeth again, alternating between kissing and licking, nibbling and biting.

And Harley loved every second of it. There were so many delightful sensations going on, and yet she could appreciate every one of them. She rocked her hips more urgently to his, revelling in the torment of his lips and teeth, discovering a new erogenous zone every other second, it seemed.

All of which combined had her keening, almost beyond words as her hips ground to Mark's. His hands went to her hips then, lifting and pulling her down faster. Her nails dug into his shoulders as he felt her tightening around him.

He moaned in encouragement, keeping her pulled in close to him as he guided her movements. When she cried out a moment later, he clutched her tightly against him as he let himself fall over the edge with her.

Moaning with pleasure, she rocked her hips, riding out her orgasm as she felt him swell and pump inside her.

Breathing heavily, his fingers were gentle on her chin as he tipped her face up. Their eyes locked and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close.

She raised one hand to his face and wrapped the other arm around his neck. After a long moment, she leaned in to kiss him.

As their lips parted, she whispered with a smile, "You could have warned me that you bite!"

His hands caressed her back gently as he smiled back at her. "Now where's the fun in that, darlin'? Should I stop?"

She put both arms around his neck. "Let's not be hasty about this."

He laughed, one hand moving to cup her breast. "It did seem like you enjoyed it."

She wriggled against him and nuzzled his neck. "I certainly did."

He gave a contented sigh as she rested her head on his shoulder. It wasn't simply sexual satisfaction - he was just happy being close to her.

After a time, they moved to stretch out together on the bed. Gentle caresses and kisses, and quiet talk, followed. It was only the room darkening as night fell that made either of them aware of time passing.

Harley kissed his chest. "Are you hungry?"

Mark stroked her hair with a chuckle. "I wasn't until you mentioned it!"

"My bad. Not being a good hostess again."

He leaned up and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "Sweetheart, I'd say you've been a great hostess. Certainly very welcoming."

She stroked her hand over his chest. "Just so you know, you're the only one going to be welcomed like that."

He hugged her closer, and smiled to himself. That certainly sounded like the intimacy issues were on the wane.

A moment later, she propped her chin on his chest and looked up at him in the semi-darkness. "I'm going to freshen up and then get some supper started, okay?"

He tucked her hair behind her ear with a smile. "Okay, Kate."

She sat up and flicked on the bedside lamp. He watched as she collected a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and headed for the bathroom, and then got up and went over to his suitcase to find something similarly casual.

When he came into the kitchen after dressing, she was pulling things out of the refrigerator.

"What can I do to help?" he asked.

She set what she had in her hands on the kitchen bench and rose to her tiptoes to kiss him as he leaned down obligingly. "Would you get a fire started?"

He smiled. "Happy to, darlin'." He glanced over at the fireplace. "Where do you keep your wood?"

She pointed to the door they'd entered through the night before. "Out in the garage, thanks Mark."

She got started on the preparations for their supper.

His voice came to her as he returned. "You're getting low on wood, Kate."

"Oh, I got most of a cord stacked out back," she responded. "But yeah, I know there's not much already split. I was hoping that would get me through til I can use an axe again."

Mark knelt in front of the fireplace, putting down the armful of wood he carried. "That's easy fixed, Kate - I can split some more for you tomorrow."

She chuckled. "Thanks Mark, but there's no need for that."

He rose to his feet, dusted off his hands and came over to the kitchen. He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her around to face him. She was about to protest, but he placed a finger on her lips with a smile.

"Kate, this is one of those times I'm offering to help. And I'm doing it because I want to. Swinging an axe is no great hardship for me - hell, it'd be a good workout."

She hesitated. Habits of a lifetime, like her staunch independence, were sometimes very hard to break.

His hands caressed her shoulders, but he said nothing.

Finally, she nodded. "Thanks Mark. I really would appreciate your help."

He folded her into a gentle hug. "I'm on it then, Kate."

He dropped a kiss on top of her head, and with a final pat on her shoulder, he went back to the fireplace.

She turned back to the kitchen bench and supper preparations. Not without swiping her hand over her eyes a time or two.

Something that didn't escape Mark's notice, but he left her to stay with it. Being a proud man himself, he knew how hard it was to admit you needed help. And even when the offer came, it was hard sometimes to accept it.

So he took his time cleaning out the fireplace and getting the fire started. Not that they really needed it, but apparently he and Harley were of the same mind - it was nice to have a fire at night.

When it was burning to his satisfaction, and he figured Harley had had enough time to regain her composure, he went into the bathroom to wash his hands and then joined her in the kitchen.

They worked together to make the meal - or at least, he followed her directions willingly enough.

Once they'd cleared up after supper, they retired to the sofa in front of the fire with their glasses and the remains of the bottle of wine, and talked while the fire burned lower.

Mark was supremely content. Long legs stretched out in front of him, arm around Harley's shoulders as she snuggled in close to his side. It didn't get much better than that.

He nuzzled his cheek gently to the top of her head. "So peaceful here, sweetheart."

She just nodded against his chest, her arm wrapping around his waist.

He ran his hand gently over her arm. "About time I got you back into bed, I think."

She lifted her head to look at him, surprise written over her face.

He laughed. "Darlin', don't get me wrong - I still want you. But at my age, three times in one day is about my limit!"

Giggling, she leaned up to kiss him.

He pulled her close, kissing her deeply. As their lips parted, he murmured, "But you ain't off the hook for tomorrow - not by a long shot."

The look she gave him said that was perfectly fine with her.


In her bedroom, they undressed one another in the light of the fire. Without the urgency of sexual need driving them, it was time to simply touch and appreciate.

As they climbed into bed together, Mark smiled, laying back and opening his arms to Harley. She came into them without hesitation, fitting her naked body against his.

All those nights of wanting to drag her into bed and never let her leave it, of wanting to kiss her for hours and let that lead them wherever it did. And now, here they were.

His arms wrapped around her. Nuzzling his cheek to the top of her head, his voice was low. "Seems like I've been waiting for this day a real long time, Kate."

Her fingers brushed lightly over his chest. "I know what you mean," she said softly.

Stroking his fingers through her hair, he smiled. "It was worth the wait."

She made a contented sound and snuggled closer to him. "Knew you were worth waiting for, Mark."

"Aw, darlin'" he murmured, holding her closer.

It wasn't long before he felt her relax against him as her breathing deepened and she fell asleep. He lay awake a little longer.

He was pleased he and Harley seemed compatible sexually. Of course, it was early days for that. He could only hope that the intimacy they were building together continued.

Because quite apart from sexual satisfaction, the more time he spent with her, the more time he wanted to spend with her.

And that scared even him, a little. He'd been so focused on dealing with Harley's intimacy issues, his own less than stellar relationship history hadn't been much of a contender in the issues stakes.

But. Harley was a very different woman to the ones he usually fell for. And their rather old-fashioned courtship to this point had made sure they got to know one another before they'd fallen into bed together.

He'd had to learn to be patient this time. Which again was not his usual modus operandi.

Still, that had paid off already. He couldn't remember a relationship before this where he'd enjoyed the simple pleasure of companionship at the same time as the heady rush of first sexual encounters.

Harley made a soft sound as she snuggled closer to him, and he ran his hand very gently over her arm as he closed his eyes.

So far, so very good.


As usual, Harley woke around sun up. She had always loved this time of the day. In her place of quiet, this was when it was the quietest. As the sun rose, she would eventually hear bird calls from the woods, but for now, everything was silent and still.

The exception to that was the sound of Mark's heartbeat under her ear. A sound that almost didn't register as a sound. At first, she'd thought it her own pulse she felt rather than heard.

Now that she concentrated on it, she could also hear the sound of his breathing, still deep and even as he slept.

She had once again invaded his personal space. Well, she amended to herself, this time she had actually started out in it. But it was even nicer now there were no clothes in the way. Her fingers just itched to roam over his body, but she restrained herself. Just because she was up with the sun didn't mean he had to be.

She was musing over what the day would bring, unaware that her fingers, ignoring her directive, were idly caressing the curve of his chest, when he woke with a yawn and a stretch.

A one-armed stretch, because the arm he had wrapped around her remained there.

She lifted her head and turned to smile at him. "Good morning, Mark."

He smiled back, reaching out to tuck her hair behind her ear and then caress her cheek.

"Mornin', Kate," he drawled, still not all the way awake.

She nuzzled her face to his touch. "Sleep well?"

"Surely did. Why wouldn't I? Comfortable bed, nice and quiet," he smiled. "Good woman in my arms. The fact that she's naked might have helped too." His hand roamed over her back as he spoke.

Chuckling, she leaned up to kiss him lightly. "I personally found the combination of naked man and sexual satiation a winner when it came to a good night's sleep!"

"Satiation, huh?" he grinned. "That your way of nicely saying you've had your fill of me, darlin'?"

She pretended to think and then winked at him. "Now let's not be hasty about this. I have slept since then!"

"So not quite satiated now?" he asked, tracing his fingers along her spine.

Her lips pressed a line of kisses over his chest. "That's a fair statement."

"Good," he said. "Because I meant what I said about you not being off the hook today."

Lifting her head, she gave a tiny shiver at the look in his eyes. That hungry expression that made her weak at the knees.

Before she could say a word, he pulled her up to kiss her, wrapping his arms around her to hold her close.

Her own arms went around his neck. Man was one fantastic kisser, but holy hells, this was blowing the roof off. Might be something to do with being plastered skin to skin with him, she throught fuzzily as she returned his kiss eagerly.

Despite his 'threat', he seemed content with an extended session of kissing and nuzzling. Not that she was complaining, because that was damned nice.

She wasn't sure if that was more of that 'all man' thing, or just Mark. She guessed it was the subtle difference between lust and hunger. Lust demanded immediate gratification, while hunger knew the sweetness of waiting and anticipation. Lost boys were all about lust. Mark? Seemed to understand hunger as well.

When they eventually got up, Harley watched as Mark went to his suitcase to find his clothes.

"You know," she smiled, "if it were up to me, I'd keep you naked all the time."

With a laugh, he pulled on his shorts. "Love to oblige, Kate, but there's no good can come from a man being naked around knives and stoves!"

Her eyes roved appreciatively over his body. "Point taken. I can live with this," she gestured to him with a grin.

He picked up the t-shirt he'd been planning to put on and came back to where she sat on the edge of the bed. "Since I'm making you happy, how about you return the favor and wear this for me?"

She stood up and slipped the t-shirt over her head. It swamped her, as he'd known it would, hanging almost to her knees.

He smiled. "Nothing cuter than a woman wearing my clothes."

She chuckled, wrapping her arms around his waist. "So there'll be no complaints if I purloin a shirt or two?"

He bent to kiss her, one hand cupping her ass. "We might throw down if you pick one of my favorites."

"Ooh, a chance to see how well those submission moves work!" she grinned up at him.

His response to that was to swat her ass with a grin of his own.


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