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Utterly random, but amusing

Was watching some TV this evening because there were thunderstorms around and I didn't want to risk my laptop being on the 'net.

Rewatched a few bits on ECW . . . got to get my regular doses of Kane, after all!  Then watched some Stargate SG-1, a long time fandom love pre-dating even the WWE.  First fandoms are like your first loves - you never forget them, really.

Anyway, this is Season 9, which I originally hated because it felt like they'd seriously jumped the shark, and I was pissed off to the max about losing Jack O'Neill and gaining Cameron Mitchell, even if when I first saw Ben Browder in Farscape, I was convinced he was Michael Shanks's long lost brother ;-)

But second time around, seeing the eps from the beginning, it grew on me - yay for gaining back fandom love!

I digress (you'll find I do that a lot!).  So I was watching this episode, which is a follow up from an earlier one that I frankly didn't even remember.  However, what really had me chuckling was the fact that the protagonist in this one was named Jared Kane (please, like I'm gonna spell that any other way!), and the female love interest for Daniel Jackson in the earlier episode was named . . . Lita.

I shit you not - Kane and Lita.  Only Lita fell in love with Daniel (as they all do, everybody loves the space monkey), and then died tragically in the Ori plague.

I'm afraid I kept getting sidetracked by that - Kane and Lita.  Wanna bet one of the writers is a closet WWE fan?  WWE fans - we're everywhere!!
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