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Hmmmmm . . . some ramblings and an update!

Taker stripped

So, I'm finally caught up with wrestling . . . not counting this week's Raw and ECW. 

And I have got to have my two cents worth on the heinousness of stripping 'Taker of his title! 

Now, you know me, normally I'd be all for stripping 'Taker , but this is beyond the pale! Of course, I know it's all storyline, and I'm almost certain he's gonna be reunited with that special someone real soon. You know who she is - in the words of Chris Jericho, "She's sassy, she's shiny, she's been around the block but she always comes back to daddy" - in other words, the Heavyweight Championship. 

Let's face it, when the vacated title goes up in flames after a lightning bolt, and the Undertaker's bell tolls as Edge is looking at it . . . it don't bode well for the Rated-R superstar now, does it? 

I love how Mick Foley puts it - not just going up against the Undertaker, but going up against an angry Undertaker! That sounds like good storyline fodder to me! 

But getting back to 'Taker getting stripped, how fucking awesome is that man's talent that he could express so much just on body language and facial expression while Vicki was running her mouth? I had chills! 

I'm just a bit over the whole Vicki/Edge storyline though - I've been waiting for Edge to do the true heel thing and dump the bitch when he gets his hands on the title, but it ain't happening. I'm with Kane on that one - on the Cutting Edge, on ECW, when Edge is blathering on about meeting Vicki while out after Kane injured him, and Kane says, "Wait - you're thanking me for that?" 

And while we're talking about Kane . . . oh come on, you know we're nearly always talking about Kane! - anyway, I did love that segment on the Cutting Edge. I think Kane does some great promos, and I could listen to that voice all day! 

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to pick up the "See No Evil" DVD - and I'm determined to get one of the US versions. They're finally releasing it in Australia later this month, and they've changed the cover! No pic of Kane - screw that! 

Two other things while I'm blathering - I've posted the third part of Pros and Cons on my website. Read and enjoy! 

The other is something I just have to share - I was surfing the other day for a video to see exactly how 'Taker pulls off a Last Ride . . . yes, I know. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it! Anyway, I came across this little gem of 'Taker teaching Kane to do the Last Ride - delightfully funny! 

Oh lord, fifteen minutes later and I gotta share this one too - Mark on the Jimmy Kimmel show, years ago, but sooooo funny! And dayummmmmmm, so so sooooooo sexy.
I'm a happy little camper now! 
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