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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

. . . which begs the question - where the bloody hell has this year gone?  ;-)

And yes, I probably should do an update but honestly, 2011 started out horribly and while there's been some good stuff, there's been a bunch of bad stuff that I don't want to bring people down with.  Far better to follow me on Twitter - it's hard to be down in 140 characters!

Anyway, seeing as how it's coming up to Christmas, and because lyndasty has posted hers already, this is my shout out for Christmas cards!

If you'd like a Christmas card - yes, a real old-fashioned snail mail one - with a lovingly hand-decorated envelope (well okay, it's clipart and my printer, shup, it's the thought that counts!  And the trawling for new Christmas graphics!) all the way from Australia, then leave me a comment!

Comments will of course be screened for privacy, so you can give me your snail mail address.  And your for-realz name, unless folks at your domicile will be un-phased by mail arriving addressed to your LiveJournal username! ;-)

Now, get to commenting!! 
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