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Icon meme!

Comment on this post and let me know you want to participate. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

I got these from faithinfire:


Ah, memories! Jeff Hardy does have the most spectacular orgasm face, doesn't he? I nabbed this one from rkowhore79 back when I was discovering to my delight that there was a simply flourishing community of like-minded perverts lusty WWE fangirls on LJ!  And really, who can resist the very pretty Jeffro?


Another Jeffro one - this by the very talented xfirespritex .  I chose this one because it was so evocative - I can't count the number of times I've seen him left crumpled on the mat after taking such punishment.  I don't know - this one just speaks to me. 


Ah, one of my favourites!  Nabbed this one from someone on LJ forever ago, so I have no idea to credit for it.  And yes, it's a writing icon - Plot?  What plot?  We don' need no stinkin' plot - just bring on the hot smexxing! ;-)  I can forgive a lot if there's hot smexxing involved!


Mmmmm, now here's a happy place!  This one's by _____deardiary. 'Taker.  In a cage.  Those eyes.  That fierce expression - the one that says, "When I get out of here, you're in a world of hurt."  Or, "Yeah, step on in, cos this is my yard and you're gonna be in a world of hurt."

Either way, someone's gonna be hurting!  I love how that man can tell an entire story with one look.  I love how that man looks.  Aw hell, I just love me some 'Taker, full stop! ;-)


These last two are by the amazingly gifted rory_tutorgirl.  The song is Rooftops, by LostProphets.  And damn, one of my all-time favourite songs.  Was delighted to find she'd made some icons from the music video for it.  Because you know, there are some times when you really do want to scream your heart out.
And last, but not least, yes, it's DX and it's for the holidays - this and my Kane wearing tinsel icon are the ones I use for Christmas posts.  Because who doesn't love silly DX?  Selling bears!  This is the Shawn Michaels bear - it comes with a little button that when you push it, all the hair falls out!  -mad snickering- 

Hey, this was fun - I'd forgotten just what was in my userpics!
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