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It's getting to be that time of year!!

And yeah, one of these days I promise, I will actually do a proper update, rather than tweeting!

But I'm determined to be a little more organised this year, and so here it is - the Christmas card shout-out!

If you'd like a lovingly hand-decorated Christmas card, all the way from Australia - or if you're in Australia, all the way from sunny Bris-vegas! - then leave me a comment with your name and address.  Comments will be screened for privacy.

Requests to include Kane and/or 'Taker in the envelope with said card will be ignored - if they turn up at my place, I'm keepin' 'em both!  I may have trouble walking next year, but frankly that's a small price to pay . . . -evil grin-

So - get to it!  Comment away!  ;-)
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