Nephthys (nephthys_abode) wrote,

I am one tired, incoherent but happy fanbrat!

For those that missed the news, panthology  was a lucky lucky bunny and won two tickets to the Melbourne show of the SmackDown Australian tour.

And I was an even luckier bunny because she asked me to fly down and go with her!! 

Only thing better than a live wrestling event is a live wrestling event with a friend who is also a fan!

There will be pictures - when I am not on my wee Wall-E EeePC, and when I am less brain-fried.  Not many, because frankly I was too busy watching to be trying to focus a camera!

Highlights of the night - well it had to be seeing Kane not once but twice!!!  He did a run in at the end of the first match and oh man I got to tell you, that man is seriously luscious in the flesh! 

He cut a promo and so audio porn - bonus!!  As he was leaving the ring, after announcing he'd be taking on Mysterio for the belt later and vowing vengeance and mayhem, I braved the rail and . . . six feet away, he is utterly fucking breathtaking!  I was just a bit squee and Panth said, "Give me your camera, I want to get a picture of you right now!" 

When I upload it, you'll see a demented fanbrat grinning from ear to ear!

Great matches all night, even the Divas match wasn't horrible.  Saw all my favourites and developed some new ones.  And then Kane, in the headline match.  And he was freakin' awe-inspiring in the ring.  Rippling muscles ohhhhhh my!

Plus there were some guys who were Kane fans sitting behind us, and while we did seem to be the lone voices in the midst of the hordes of Mysterio fans, it was kinda funny to hear them squeeing on with exactly the kind of reactions I was having!  Joy at seeing that vicious uppercut, disappointment (one of them called Kane a tease!) when the diving clothesline didn't connect, and sheer pandemonium when Kane finally chokeslammed that little pipsqueak for the win!!

Then the big man got robbed cos while we were baying for a Tombstone, Big Show came in to make the save on Rey  Then it turned into a bit of a brawl, and while that was kinda fun, damn it, Kane retained his title and then didn't get to make a triiumphant exit . . . where I could have got a photo!!

I did get close to the rail again as he was leaving and . . . brain meltdown, because god almighty, sex on legs!

And wait til you see the picture in the souvenir program, if I decide to share it cos . . . I almost licked the page! ;-)

But I almost forgave Rey, because he ended the show going round the ring (as tdid Big Show - and oh my God, Show with Rey on his shoulders as Rey's music played, jiving and singing along?  Was too cute for words!  As was the butt jiggle he did when entering the ring for his match earlier with Thwagger) - there was a little kid in the row in front of us with a Rey mask (actually there was a bunch of them) but this little kid was pretty excited about Rey, so his dad had him at the rail, and they waited and waited and finally Rey made it  around to them and . . . he touched his forehead to the little boy's, hands on his head, and exchanged a few words, and the little kid was just over the moon!

His dad was kinda impressed that he got a hand from Big Show as well as attention from Rey!

I may update more later, when I'm more coherent and not typing on a teensy keyboard but sufice to say, we had a great night!

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