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Birthdays and Backlash


So, Backlash was awesomely excellent . . . nothing says love like instant gratification, when it comes to Pay Per Views! 

Great match for Kane - there's no doubt he's at the top of his game, and I think it bodes well for a nice long championship reign. 

While I'm on the subject of Kane, and as we all know, I'm rarely off the subject of Kane, I've also been loving the fact that he's getting a lot more air time at the moment. The Cutting Edge with Edge on ECW the week before Backlash was terrific - I think they definitely made a good call when they decided Kane should speak more! 

And the match between Edge and 'Taker at Backlash was, again, proof positive that 'Taker is in the best damn condition of his career, probably. He's nothing short of awesome right now. You only have to watch the matches he had with Dave Batista on Smackdown the weeks leading up to Backlash to see that. They were, and no, I'm not being punny, phenomenal. 

And oh my god, the psych-out factor of him mouthing "I'm going to hurt you" to Edge? 'Taker don't say much, but you better listen up when he does!  

Anyway, I was back in the office this week, after working from home last week to try and get the contracts backlog somewhat under control. So on Monday the boss said we should stop for afternoon tea to celebrate my birthday, since I'd been out of the office on the actual day. 

It was nice to sit down for five minutes . . . okay, so we stretched it to maybe 30 minutes, but I think we needed the battery recharge, because we're all so frantic. 

The organisation I work for is small enough that it's possible to celebrate everyone's birthday, and they do buy everyone a card, and circulate it through the office for everyone to sign. That's just so nice, and one of the reasons I love where I work! 

This year's card though will have pride of place on my desk for months - because one of my colleagues printed out a tiny picture of 'Taker and pasted it to the card, then wrote "Have a deadly day! From K and UT" 

I couldn't stop laughing - how many people do you know get a birthday card "signed" by 'Taker? 


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May. 2nd, 2008 03:30 am (UTC)
haha.... My birthday card from my kid had a picture of Taker taped inside it with a word balloon coming out of his mouth that said 'Happy Birthday! Love, Taker' It cracked me up. Still does. It's hanging on my wall of Taker-y goodness lol.

And damn but that's a sexxxy picture of Kane. I'm stealing it for inspiration. I was just telling a friend that I haven't written any good Kane stuff in a while lol.
May. 2nd, 2008 04:33 am (UTC)
Hon, if you're gonna use that lovely pic of Kane to write some of your always excellent Kane stuff, you just go right on ahead and steal it! It may interest you to know I've been using it for inspirational wallpaper for some time now! ;-)

I found it by accident trawling through some old files - had a few screen caps from that dark dark time in the WWE when Kane was pursuing Lita. I clearly remember some extremely sensual moments when he was leaning in to kiss her . . . hated the angle, luuuuuuved the visual images (so long as I couldn't really see Lita in them!) :-D
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