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Writer's Block: Supersize me

Have you ever boycotted a company or product? If so, what was it, and what caused you to boycott it?

Two - Kellogs Australia and Sanitarium

Kellogs because many moons ago, when I was doing my degree, studying Workplace Health and Safety (Business degree, majoring in Human Relations), we had a case study on how Kellogs Australia had basically pressure cooked one of its young workers because its safety procedures were pretty much non-existent.

The boy's brother also worked for them, and was trying to get his brother out of this massive cooker (obviously big enough for a person to get inside and clean) and the boy's skin pulled off in his hand.

And while that is appalling in itself, what sparked the boycott was that Kellogs paid the boy's mother compensation of about a thousand dollars.  They killed her son and that's all it cost them. 

The case study was presented as one of the reasons why uniform Workplace Health and Safety legislation was in place throughout Australia, allowing companies to be properly penalised for failing to ensure the safety of their workers.

What it also did for me was show me that companies can and do behave irresponsibly, and that I could do something in return by refusing to buy or use their products.  So I did.

Sanitarium - well that's mostly because they were reportedly behind the defence fund for Lindy Chamberlain and I still think she killed that baby.  I boycott them more out of preference than any real moral outrage.

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