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Things that make me happy . . . an ongoing series

It's a new month in the office, so it was time for a new page on the WWE Calendar.  Goodbye to Mr April, Matt Hardy - sorry Matt, but we were all very over you.

And hel-lo Mr May, John Cena!  Colour me a happy little fanbrat - I'd definitely hit that, and looking at a half-naked John Cena for a whole month is all kinds of good news! ;-)

Also making me happy is the wonderful office I work in.  Lemme tell you about it!

Our social club, in the spirit of staff wellbeing, asked if anyone would be interested in doing a 10,000 step challenge as a workplace.

I don’t know if these are common anywhere else, so here’s the scoop – “experts” are saying that we should walk 10,000 steps per day for a healthy lifestyle. Basically, it’s about doing more physical activity in what’s rapidly becoming a very sedentary world. Even ten minutes of walking (that’s ten minutes of continuous walking) every day can make a difference in your health.

The 10,000 Steps organisation in Australia is set up to foster this, and one of the ways they do it is by allowing workplaces to bulk order pedometers for their staff, and encouraging them to sign up for a workplace challenge – everyone who walks is set up as a user, and you record your steps each day and then the workplace can offer rewards or incentives. 

We’ve got teams of four here – I can see my daily steps, and those of my walking buddies in my team, and the combined stats of other teams. 

Now, my own exercise regime had kinda fallen by the wayside a bit over the last year. Too many times, I skipped my daily workout because I just didn’t feel like it.  And realistically, I know that I need to work out every day if I want to keep losing weight, because I’ve hit the dreaded “plateau”. 

Fortunately, TNA has become so good lately that I’m inspired to get on my exercise bike and watch it, and between that and the sporadic good stuff on WWE, I want to exercise every day so I can watch it all!

The days I do have trouble with are when I work – it’s hard to get my work out done after work, because hubby often wants to be picked up from the train and that means I have less time to exercise before he gets home. And I hate exercising when he is home – he’s always wanting to come and kibbitz on what I’m watching and I loathe that. I want to be by myself, so I can concentrate on what I’m doing, and not be worried about him distracting me.

I’ve talked about this with my colleague K, who is just the same with her workouts. We don’t want our hubbies around when we’re panting and sweating to try and shift the kilos – they might think they’re helping or encouraging, when really? They’re just making us feel self-conscious and defensive.

So, I decided on a new strategy on work days – I’m getting up half an hour earlier to do a twenty minute workout before work, and then I can fit in thirty minutes after work more easily before hubby gets home. And if he does want to be picked up, at least I can do twenty minutes, rather than deciding to skip it completely because I don’t have enough time.

But the really important part is that, with this workplace challenge, I’ve got three other people who are relying on me to exercise every day, so hopefully we can all get a benefit in the form of a prize. Not counting the personal benefit of improving our health!

Which means I am making the commitment to get up at 4.30am to do my workout, and being more focused on the importance of even a shorter workout in the afternoons when I’m working. And I’m thinking about the incidental steps I do as well – my fifty minutes on my exercise bike, because I’m doing it at a higher intensity (because it’s for two shorter periods) counts as 10,000 steps already, so any walking I do during the day just racks up extra steps. So taking the long way to the train station at night, and taking the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator, are good choices.

Loving my workplace for caring enough about us to encourage us to look after ourselves better!  And loving the fact that yay, I am once again on the downward track with my weight!

The other cool thing about my workplace is that it's seriously looking at social media for the conference we have coming up later this month.  I may have to take the plunge and -gasp!- join Twitter, because part of the strategy for the conference is to tweet highlights as it happens, for people who can't attend.  Hell, we've even got a conference Facebook page!

What is amusing me though is that they've sent four people off to learn about social media, like blogging and stuff . . . um, you have to learn about that?  I'm kinda glad no one asked me to do it - I've got enough on my work plate without taking that on as well!  So I'm keeping my head down when they start talking about Wordpress and stuff because, yeah, been using that puppy for years and no, don't want to be teaching others about it!

I haven't been doing a lot of writing lately - was kinda stumped for inspiration on all three of my current works-in-progress, which was just frustrating the fuck out of me.  I mean, I know exactly where all three of those stories are going, in terms of what's supposed to happen to the charas and such.  But actually finding the bridge to get them there was just . . . not cooperating.

And the hell of it was that I was getting more and more ideas for the "supposed to happen" bits, while remaining thoroughly stymied on the "what happens now" bits.  It was like a major log jam was building up behind those stuck bits, and I had visions of eventually just having the writer's equivalent of screaming "Fuck this!" and doing a sneaky "Oh this happens about a month later!" chapter.  Which would just piss me off even more.

However, just in the last week or so, there's been some movement in all three of the stories.  Not like I can say I'm about to finish a chapter or anything, but . . . there's actually words being committed to either paper or disk!  Which is a big improvement, let me tell you!

The other major make me happy news is that last night, I cast off the final row on the winter shawl I've been knitting.  This is the one featuring the lovely midnight yarn that dangerpuddle sent me.  I've added the pretty Sean Sheep yarn in purples, with the pieces of ribbon plyed into it, and finished the shawl with a ruff of the most adorably soft and fluffy mohair/cashmere type yarn (from the same Sean Sheep range)!

It's just so pretty!  And it reminds me of fifties style glamour stoles, so I can't wait to wear it!  I'm just adding a few rows of the cashmere fluffy yarn along the neck edge of the shawl, because I think it will look awesome, and then I'll take photos and just show off with it!

Next project will be a winter scarf, using some Sean Sheep yarn in black multicolours, and I've even got some of the cashmere yarn left to add to the ends of it for more glamour!  Then I think it'll be cold enough for me to drape my big afghan over my lap (and work around the cat who will be so there with mummy if there's a blankie involved!) and get on with sewing that together.

And now?  I guess since I've finished the excellent cup of coffee that S made for me this morning, I should get some actual work done!

Later, taters! ;-)

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