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Backlash champions

Okay, so I wasn't going to order Backlash. 

I figured I could do nicely with the updates from the WWE website . . . that was until I got back from an appointment to see that Kane had retained the ECW Championship. Whee! Happy birthday Glenn! 

Then I discovered Matt Hardy was the new US Champion - go Matty! 

By this point, any pretense I was making about writing was out the window, while I itched for more news. And it was that 'Taker had defeated Edge - go, you good thing! And happy belated birthday Mark! 

The icing on the cake was Trips becoming a 12 time WWE Champion - the Age of Orton is fucking over, thank god! 

And then I went and ordered Backlash . . . yeah, I know, even though I already know the outcomes. 

I wanna see 'Taker mouth "I'm going to hurt you" to Edge . . . and then make good on the promise. I wanna see Kane overcome Chavo and his "bodyguard" like the monster he is. I wanna see MVP take a beatin' and lose that belt he's been so overbearing about. 

And I wanna see Trips beat three other superstars to come out on top. 

Happy happy fangirl - and happy birthday to me! 
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