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Just a bit of a ramble. . .

So, there's a PPV on Monday. Tough luck, Vinnie Mac - I ain't buying it. Hell, I'm not even sure I'd bother trying to find someplace to watch it for free.

Kane's got the night off for the PPV - meh. So has 'Taker, though I kinda expected that. He's usually not around much post 'Mania. Unless there's some fallout from 'Mania to be dealt with.

Whatever happened to Backlash, huh? Where the fallout from WrestleMania continued? Oh that's right. WWE doesn't do storylines any more. They just do five minute infomercials hyping the PPV in every damn show, and sometimes more than once per show.

Do I care about any of these matches? No, not especially. I think they'll probably be good matches - I mean, Trips is a helluva worker. Swagger versus Orton will probably be good, though less than stellar. These guys have brilliant skills but an Extreme Rules match is about the bloody props, not the skills. Edge and Jericho in a Steel Cage? Another that's likely to be good but a bit five minutes ago. The feud feels the tiniest bit . . . I dunno, I guess I'm just not really feeling it.

Punk versus Mysterio? Holy hells, I think we've seen that every bloody week since before WrestleMania! Five minutes ago? It's over - give it up already!

Cena versus Batista - well that's a feud I'm feeling, but Botch-tista in a Last Man Standing match? Man, I hope Johnny comes out of this one in one piece.

And I'm not even going near the "Extreme Makeover Match" between McFool and Beth Phoenix.

But I'll make you a couple of predictions for free. One is that someone (perhaps more than one someone) comes out of this PPV with a serious injury that puts them on the bench for real for a few months. That's what happens when you "go extreme" for one night of the year, you imbeciles.

The second is that Beth Phoenix will get the "future endeavours" speech within the next six months.

I think Beth's brilliant but right now? She's pretty much the only one with any damn wrestling talent in the Divas Division. And that's gonna become painfully obvious unless they continue to stick her in tag matches, handicap matches and stupid fuckin' Diva bullshit stipulation matches.

So yeah, I figure a few months of that. Maybe being sidelined with an injury cos some no-talent bitch flubs something in the ring and then it'll be sayonara, Bethie.

It sucks.

As does the fact that they shitcanned Mickie this week - yeah, we will have NO Divas With Wrestling Talent, thank you. Smart, sexy and powerful and they better bloody look good in a bikini - that's all the WWE seems to care about.

There's the Draft on Monday night - again, do I care? I don't think either Glenn or Mark will end up moving, although it'll be just my luck that they will split them up so I get no hope of seeing them as the Brothers of Destruction.

Anything else? Aw hell, does it matter? The guys show up on one another's shows when it suits Vince and the woefully mis-named Creative Team to have them do so. There's pretty much no other established tag teams to split up, thanks to previous Drafts and future endeavouring. And like I give a fuck which Diva ends up where, although in a very mean-spirited way I'd love to see McFool moved to RAW while Mark stays with SmackDown. Yes, I'm petty and vindictive, why do you ask? ;-)

On the other hand, how much am I loving TNA right now? There, they have storylines! They make an effort to let us "know" the guys, why they're doing what they're doing. I find myself watching the backstage interview spots, because I want to care. On WWE? Meh, fast forward, unless it's someone I know and can rely on to be entertaining.

They've got real divisions, like the X Division - and man, if they aren't in talks with guys like Greg Helms and Jimmy Wang Yang, who also got "future endeavoured" this week, I'll eat my cat!

They even have real women wrestlers! Lacey Von Erich excepted - she's the proof that you don't necessarily come by wrestling talent genetically any more than you can get it via sperm injection.

Sure, I'm not overly fond of Hogan in the ring, but when he's not wrestling? He and the Bisch as the powers backstage actually make a pretty good combo. Flair leaves me cold, and my God, someone put him in that damn wheelchair for good because when I see his jiggly body in the ring, it makes me want to puke.

Hell, he's not even doing promos worth a damn any more - he used to be pretty good on the mic, now he's rambling and disjointed, and frankly, it's little more than just constant repetitions of "Woooo!". It's actually pretty sad.

Had the old Ric Flair, the one who was pretty good and had his character down pat, been mentoring AJ, I stand by what I said earlier this year - that could have been great. But now? AJ just looks bloody stupid in his blue feathery dressing gown, with the hood pulled down so far over his eyes that I think that (a) he's trying to hide his face because he's embarrassed at wearing that get up, and/or (b) he's going to end up falling off the edge of the ramp because he can't bloody see where he's going!

And the big "diamond" studs? Oh yuck! I see that kind of shit on wanna-be gangsta types here and it looks shit on them - it don't look any better on AJ.

I do wish they still had the six sided ring, and I seriously wish that they'd stop trying to be better than Vince with his slicker than owlshit production values. They had a good thing, they could have just stuck with it.

All of that notwithstanding, I'm really enjoying their shows right now. I know - or at least I hope - that WWE will come good again. I'm a loyal fan like that!
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