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Definition of madness - starting a blog when I don't have time enough to write


But it occurred to me that, given the time between updates on my website, there might be those that wonder if I might not have died or something, or, worse, given up writing about those gorgeous men of professional wrestling.

Case in point - I heard from the lovely Pats the other day, that's right, the UnderTaker's SmutQueen herself. She, like so many others, hadn't heard a peep from me in ages, and was just reaching out to stay in touch.

She was also jonesing for some fic, so I let her have a sneak peek at the two works in progress. What can I say? I'm a total slut for feedback!

To bring everyone up to date, I am still writing. There's a new story in the Adventures with the Circus series, with Vivvie. I still have plans for Vivvie, even beyond the story I'm working on now.

And a much longer work that was first hatched as an idea when Vinnie Mac announced the very first Diva Search. -facepalm- Oh, and when they first put Lita on the slippery slope that took her from being an actual wrestler to the trashy accessory she now plays, complete with clothes by Sluts'R'Us. The beginning of the end for Lita was that stupid "I'm having Kane's monstrous love child" storyline.

It was about then my righteous indignation rose up and I had the urge to quote Jules from Pulp Fiction. You know, "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."

I love that speech, it's righteous!

But yeah, I was pissed. And so I decided to write a story about a woman wrestler. Yes, a wrestler - not a bloody Diva. It's coming along rather nicely - and I was very pleased when Pats declared she wasn't a Mary Sue. I've got a bit of a horror of finding out that I've written a Mary Sue, you see, seeing as how I've been so very scathing of others who've done so!

I was incredibly stuck on that story for the longest time, because I'd rather written myself into a corner and had no bloody idea how I was going to get out of it. Then I got lucky - I started to get WWE dvds through Netflix, and watching wrestling again gave me inspiration.

That's right folks, I've not been able to see wrestling on TV in, oh, about 3 years. I have had the chance to go to see Raw live twice, which was utterly brilliant, but no weekly fixes. Had the opportunity while I lived in a hotel short term recently and you better believe I enjoyed it!

But yes, had the flash of inspiration that showed me the way out of the corner, and so I've been cracking away at it ever since. Well, as much as possible. Because life just keeps getting in the way! And when it doesn't, I'm sometimes not in the mood to write.

However, I am working on both stories, and they will eventually be posted. I've wondered if I should post them as chapter plays, but I find sometimes that I go back and revise the early parts each time I start work again.

Posting them would stop that, I suppose - might make the work go a bit quicker too. Let's set up a poll and find out!!

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