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Fanfiction work in progress - Fireworks (Part 39/?)


(And a huge thank you to panthology and her mad skillz for this graphic!)

Features: Undertaker (Mark Calaway)
Rating: NC17 for language and sexual situations

Usual disclaimer - own nothing but my original characters, all the other people own themselves, WWE owns the trademark names, I'm doing this to exercise my creativity and for the sheer pleasure of writing. Ask my therapist!

Once again, it's been a long time between updates - blame that nasty old beastie RL! And the annoying need to work for a living - the world would be a much nicer place to be if I could just write full time! ;-)

And, yes, folks, this is it - a world first (at least in my fic universe!)! Frottage! Just for you,
faithinfire ;-)

Thanks for reading and remember - feedback is love . . . /end obligatory attention whoring!

And since it has been such a long time between updates, and to save you trolling back through the archives (although I have helpfully tagged all the chapters!), you'll find links to all the earlier chapters


Mark wasn't sure how long he'd spent kissing Harley. Forever wouldn't have been long enough to have her in his arms, to be tasting her lips.

One thing he did know was that kissing her was turning him on like a gas grill, but he'd rather expected that. After all, it happened every time. Which is why the alarm bells had been ringing. Why they still were.

It didn't help that she was making the most wonderful sounds - little moans and sighs as she pressed that lithe body closer to his. And her hands were in his hair, on his head, holding him into their kisses. Not that he needed to be held.

What he did need was more. More kissing, certainly, but also just . . . more. One hand moved from Harley's waist, stroking up her side, brushing the sideswell of her breast.

When she didn't protest, he repeated the caress, this time brushing his palm more deliberately over the curve of her breast. That certainly penetrated Harley's consciousness, and she gasped softly against his lips. But she didn't pull away, to his delight.

His hand moved slowly, and he was ready to stop if she told him to, but gradually his palm covered her breast completely.
Her fingers stroked lightly over his neck, under his hair, as she nuzzled her cheek to his. Her voice was breathless as she spoke.

"Mark, are you . . . feeling me up?"

"Uh huh," he murmured, his hand now cupping her breast gently.

"Is that a good idea?" she asked, even as she arched into his touch.

"Oh, definitely," he breathed, as his fingertips found her hardening nipple, teasing it lightly.

"Isn't this just going to get us into trouble?" she moaned. "The same kind of trouble we've been in all along?"

"Kate, we're in a pressure cooker here. We need to let off a little steam, before something explodes."

His lips found that spot on her neck that drove her nuts, and she whimpered helplessly. "Whatever happened to spending the night getting better acquainted with your hand?"

"Tried that." His lips pressed kisses along the line of her throat, his beard scratching lightly at her skin. "Didn't you?"

"I . . . damn it, Mark, while you're doing that, I can't think!"

"Sounds like it's working like it's supposed to, then. So, sweetheart, did you?"

She moaned softly. "Yes, I did."

"And yet, here we are again. Want to know why?"

"Because . . . because I want you, Mark. So damn much."

He nuzzled behind her ear. "Almost as much as I want you, Kate. And because no matter how good jerking off may feel, it's not a patch on being with the woman you want. If it were, men might never leave their own bedrooms."

She whimpered again. "Then will you let me . . . "

His fingers were gentle on her chin, bringing her eyes up to meet his again. "No, I won't. Though, God knows, it would be fantastic. But the moment we start taking our clothes off, it's going to be that much harder to stop before we go too far."

Harley moaned softly in frustration. "Don't remind me!"

"So, tonight, we go back to high school," he smiled, pulling her close.

She looked at him as if he'd gone insane, and he chuckled. "Come on, Kate - you mean to tell me you never fooled around in the back seat of some guy's car in high school?"

Chuckling, she nodded. "Well, yeah, I did. But what's that got to do with . . . oh, you can't be serious!" She stared at him.

"Hey, thousands of horny teenagers can't be wrong . . . well, not about this, anyway."

"But . . . I . . . you . . . " The funny thing was that any objections she wanted to make seemed a bit pointless. After all, the night before last she had been on his lap, dry humping him.

"Sweetheart, you already let me get to second base," he grinned, bringing his hand back to her breast.

She moaned at the feel of his palm lightly brushing over her nipple through her clothes. "So I did. How the hell did that happen?"

"I'm a sneaky bastard, didn't you know? But the important question is, how far will you let me go?"

Her breathing was coming a little faster. "We can't go all the way, you know that." Damned if she didn't suddenly feel sixteen years old again, and how in God's name was that such a turn on?

Mark kissed her lightly. "What if I told you I thought we could round home without taking our clothes off? Would you let me go that far?"

She bit her bottom lip and looked up at him from under her lashes. "But will you still respect me in the morning?"

He searched her face to see how serious that question was, and saw the amusement lurking in her eyes, as well as the desire. He nodded with as much sincerity as he'd ever mustered as a horny teenager himself. "Of course I will, baby!" He winked at her, grinning.

She laughed then, leaning up to kiss him. "So, do we just dive on in and go for it?"

He chuckled. "I figure if we just keep going the way we are, we'll get there soon enough, sweetheart."

Harley shifted position on the couch and brought her hands up to the zip up hoodie she wore over her t-shirt and sweats. "Mind if I take this off first? It's getting a little warm in here, for some reason."

Mark smiled. "Why don't you let me do that for you?"

He moved closer and placed his hands over hers as he leaned in to kiss her. She moaned very softly into his mouth as he brushed her hands away and slowly inched the zipper down, gently parting the hoodie. His hands moved up then to her shoulders, slipping under the garment and pushing it off as his hands grazed her arms. She pulled her hands out of the sleeves and he lifted it from around her and lay it aside.


"All kinds of better, thank you," she murmured.

His eyes swept over her, taking in those perky nipples showing more clearly through her t-shirt. "I'll say." His tongue darted out to moisten suddenly dry lips.

Harley couldn't believe the bolt of heat that flooded through her, seeing that. Her nipples hardened even further and she edged closer to Mark, laying one hand on his thigh lightly.

He wrapped his arm back around her, pulling her against him as he bent his head to capture her lips again, this time in a long, slow kiss. She leaned up to him, her eyes closing, her hands coming up to caress his chest through his t-shirt. Just doing that was an incredible turn on.

What was even better was knowing that this wasn't going to end in frustration. They were going to be able to share the pleasure they longed for. Not perhaps the way she'd have chosen, but beggars really couldn't be choosers.

That was about as far as she got with thinking, because Mark was slowly kissing her insensible. His lips were laying claim to hers in a way that drove her out of her mind, alternating between hot hard kisses that took her breath away and sweet light brushes that left her aching for more.

Her hands roamed over his chest, exploring the hard muscle there, the warm of his skin feeling so good under her palms, even through his t-shirt. When they brushed over his pecs, Mark gave a little jump at the contact with his nipples, and Harley smiled against his lips.

"Oh, you like that, huh?" she murmured softly, kissing him as she repeated the caress, provoking a moan from him.

His arm tightened around her and he nuzzled at her cheek before speaking, his voice husky, "Yeah, I like that."

She brought her hand up to his face as she kissed him again, first his top lip, then the bottom, eyes half closed as she luxuriated in him. She teased at his lips with her tongue, and he needed no further urging to part them for her, drawing her tongue in, deepening the kiss.

His hand continued to stroke gently over her back, but it took him a few moments to realize what he was feeling. Or rather, what he wasn't feeling. Apart from her lips against his, that was. As his hand stroked slowly down her back, he realized there was no bra under her t-shirt. Which only encouraged him to bring his other hand up to gently cup her breast again.

The feel of that soft flesh in his hand, and the knowledge that all that lay between it and his palm was the thin fabric, made him moan softly into her kiss and pull her closer.

Her hands were moving too as she continued to explore his chest, one sliding up to his neck, fingertips lightly stroking his skin above the neck of his t-shirt. The warmth of his hand against her breast was seductive, and she found herself arching her back to press herself more firmly into his touch.

His lips left hers, a little reluctantly, so that he could nuzzle behind her ear, whispering hoarsely, "Now who's liking it, sweetheart?"

As he hoped, that caused a moan, a sound that was so sweet to his ears. He gently brushed his palm over her hard nipple, making her moan again. He caught her lips with his as his fingers stroked over the swell of her breast, shaping it, imprinting its contours in his mind.

Harley whimpered softly as that gentle touch lit up her dials one by one. Who knew fooling around could be so damn hot? She shifted a little beside Mark, and ran her hand down his chest, resting it lightly against his abs, where that intriguing tattoo was.

He cupped that sweet little breast in his hand again and brushed his thumb lightly over her hard nipple, making her squirm. He pulled her closer to him and this time closed his thumb and forefinger around that little nub, rolling it very gently. Her back arched as her nipple hardened almost painfully, and her whimper was louder this time.

Her hand slipped further down his abs as she moved, and she felt him suck in a deep breath. He was almost trembling under her touch as he nuzzled his cheek to hers, his lips close to her ear.

"Touch me, Kate. Please."

That hoarse whisper, the need that throbbed in his voice - she didn't think she'd ever heard anything more arousing. She leaned more into him, trembling herself as she dropped her eyes to his lap, where his erection was starting to tent the front of his sweats. Taking a deep breath, she let her hand drift lower, brushing the soft fabric and then resting lightly against him.

He gave a deep groan and clutched her closer to him, and she could feel his cock twitch under her hand. Feeling a bit breathless, she stroked her palm lightly over his growing hardness. He buried his face in her neck, and she could feel his hot breath on her skin. And from the way he was definitely trembling now, she was doing something else he liked.

She let her fingers trace his length, feeling a bit light-headed as she realized his size firsthand, and as he hardened more at her touch. It was taking every ounce of her willpower not to drag those sweats down and take him in her hand. Or her mouth. She settled instead for gliding her palm along his length slowly, which earned her another moan.

Suddenly, Mark was moving, lifting her over to straddle his lap. She had a moment to wonder at his strength, which always surprised her, before he was leaning in to kiss her again, a hot, hard claiming of her lips, his hands resting at her waist. It was her turn to moan against his lips, momentarily overwhelmed by his passion before hers rose up to meet it.

She delved her tongue deep into his mouth, tasting him, her hand going back down to cup his erection. She could feel his heat now, feel how he throbbed against her hand.

He nipped at her lower lip as his hips gave a little buck at her touch, and then slid his own hand down over her hip and between her legs, rubbing very gently at her mound. She gasped softly against his lips, whispering, "Oh, Mark . . ."

He pressed his fingers a little harder against her, and she moaned and ground her hips into his touch. With a low sound, he ducked his head and nuzzled his face between her breasts, his arm wrapped around her waist to hold her as he leaned her back, continuing to rub between her legs.

The feel of his breath against her, even through her t-shirt, had her clutching at his hair, but as he leaned her back, her hand lost contact with him. With a soft growl of desire, she scooted her hips forward, trapping his hand between them, leaning in to him to whisper hoarsely, "You're driving me crazy here, Mark."

"And you're makin' me hotter'n hell, Kate," he drawled in that low voice that sent shivers up her spine, kissing his way up her neck.

She insinuated her own hand between their bodies, smoothing it over his hard length with a moan.

He groaned in her ear and very gently brushed her hand away. He was so hard now that his erection lay flat against his belly. With his hands on her hips, he pulled her closer to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing herself against his body. Now it was her lips that tracked along his neck.

Mark's head lolled back against the couch, almost too overloaded with sensation to think. Her lips on his neck, the feel of those sweet little breasts against his chest - hell, her whole body pressed close to his, was so good. His hands caressed her hips and stroked down her thighs.

And then she started to move. Her hips rocked forward and then back. Just that alone had him clutching her hips with a moan. She shifted slightly against him and did it again, and through a haze of pleasure he heard her tiny sound of frustration and knew what she was trying to do.

His lips went to her ear then, whispering, "Let me help, sweetheart."

Without waiting for a response, he slid his hand over her hip, fingers rubbing against her mound, feeling for her cleft. She whimpered softly, squirming against him, and then gasped as his fingers found her clit.

He gave a little groan of satisfaction himself, feeling her hips buck at his touch, murmuring softly in her ear as he did, "That's it, Kate."

His other hand on her hip, he gently guided her into position, moving his fingers at the last moment and thrusting his hips upward as he urged her down against him. Her hands clung to his shoulders as she felt his erection rub directly against her center, adjusting her position fractionally to gain the most from the contact. The way his hands tightened on her hips showed her that he appreciated the improvement.

Harley rocked her hips to his slowly, almost whimpering with desire. Mark's arms wrapped around her, holding her close, against the seductive warmth of his body. Her hand came up to his face as she kissed him deeply, sucking on his tongue as he delved it into her mouth.

He thrust his hips up again, moaning at the contact against his dick from her body. To his intense delight, she ground her hips against his thrust, creating even more friction, and from her moan, quite a bit of pleasure for herself.

With a little experimentation, punctuated wonderfully with gasps and moans on both sides, they found the perfect movements, and animal instinct took over.

Mark kissed her over and over, her lithe body held against his as if he would never let her go. The feel of her against him, the sounds she made, the taste of her lips, were almost more than he could stand, and every move she made just aroused him more.

Harley was beyond thinking. Her hands were restless in his hair as they kissed, and even the casual brush of her nipples against his chest through her clothes was driving her crazy, let alone how it felt to be grinding against the hard length of his erection. Which had her legs shaking with excitement.

She panted breathlessly against his lips, "Oh, Mark!"

There it was again, he thought a bit incoherently, his name on her lips was such a beautiful sound. With a low moan, he pulled her hips tighter to him and thrust his own up harder against her. "You keep sayin' my name like that and see how long I last, Kate."

Her fingers clutched at his shoulders as her hips tilted forward - every move had his hard length rubbing against her clit, which made her whimper. She used her thighs to grind into him more. "Shut up and kiss me, Mark."

Growling, he pulled her closer and kissed her hard, his tongue plundering the depths of her mouth. She tangled her hands in his hair, rocking her hips against him, kissing him with all the passion and desire she felt.

His arms wrapped around her, urging her against him as he pushed his feet down to thrust his hips up harder, his breathing coming heavier. She moaned, reaching down to take hold of his wrist, bringing his hand up to her breast as she rubbed herself against him.

He gave a deep growl - that was another turn on, because he loved a woman who wasn't afraid to tell him what she wanted in bed. He cupped her breast and rubbed his thumb over her hard nipple, loving how she moaned at that. Even better was how she ground herself against him, so he did it again.

Harley bit her lip with a moan - those big hands were so gentle, but his touch was in no way hesitant. He'd learned what she liked, and what she needed, and he was giving it to her. She could feel the heat gathering in her belly as she rocked against his thrusting hips.

Mark moaned, clutching her tighter to him. He was on the brink, but he held back, wanting to bring her with him. He closed his finger and thumb around her nipple, rolling it between them as he kissed her insistently, thrusting up harder against the heat of her body.

Her hips bucked against his, and even the twinge of pain that caused was lost in the pleasure she was feeling at his touch. She clung to his shoulders as her body worked against his, her breathing coming faster as she moaned his name.

And that was the end of his control, that wonderful moan. His hips surged up hard against her, his dick throbbing as he came, her name on his lips. "Oh God, Kate!"

To her intense surprise, that was enough to tip her over the edge. The feel of his body at the peak of his passion, that hoarse moan, and she was lost, her own hips giving a sharp buck against his throbbing length as she shuddered. She buried her face in his neck, overcome with a tumult of confused feelings even as her body melted against his.

His hand was on her chin a moment later, bringing her face up to his, his eyes intense as they locked with hers, whispering, "No Kate, be in the moment. Stay with it. Stay with me."

He could feel her trembling against him, but her eyes didn't leave his. He stroked his hand very gently over her back. This was another of those intimacy issues, he knew, but this time he was forcing her hand. If they had a future, any kind of future, she had to trust him enough to be truly with him, even in those moments that laid her soul bare.

She wanted to fight him, wanted to look away, but found she couldn't. His eyes, his expression, were compelling - a girl could lose herself in him, she thought helplessly. Because he was most definitely all man. More of that scary stuff. But right now, in his arms, being afraid was taking second place to just being.

When Mark was sure she wasn't going to pull away from him, he leaned in to kiss her, very gently. And Harley surprised herself again by wrapping her arms around him and hugging him. His arms came up around her a moment later, holding her close to him.

They sat that way for a few minutes, long enough for breathing to return to normal, racing hearts to slow. Mark stroked his hand gently up and down Harley's back, feeling her relax against him.

"Will you stay the night, Kate? Please," he asked quietly.

It had been on the tip of her tongue to refuse. But the idea of going back to her room alone seemed unbearably lonely. She nodded, her head resting on his shoulder. "I will, Mark."

He gave a deep sigh of contentment, resting his cheek against her hair, his arms still wrapped around her.

"I should move," Harley said. "I must be heavy."

Mark chuckled, patting her hip. "You're fine, sweetheart. Besides, the only move I want you to make is into my bed."

She laughed. "What, right now?"

"Sounds good to me!" Mark grinned.

"I haven't even taken my shoes off!"

It was a token protest, and they both knew it. Mark also knew it was a cover for those intimacy issues. But he wasn't going to call her on it - she'd done pretty well tonight already in those stakes. It didn't hurt to have a little fun, though. He looked down at her feet, and the slip on Keds she wore.

"That's easy fixed!" he chuckled, and reached down and knocked them off one at a time.

She smiled at him. "So it is." She raised her hand to his face, caressing his cheek. "I'm going to go freshen up, okay?"

He kissed her lightly. "Okay, sweetheart."

She got up from the couch, and he missed the feel of her body against his almost immediately. The bathroom door closed behind her and he sighed softly. It still wasn't perfect, but right now, he wouldn't trade this for anything.

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