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Thursday morning silliness at the office!

So, our office has a website, and on that website are pics of all of us - because we're a bit warm and fuzzy like that.

This morning, T brought in her camera, because we have two new colleagues and she had to take their pictures for the website, in front of the purple wall of fame and all.

She was laughing and telling me that they were sad she hadn't had her camera yesterday, because they were planning to take a picture of all of them gathered around my desk drooling over Mr February ;-)

Anyway, the new gals had their pictures take, and then S needed a new picture, because she's gotten married (and is now all grown up and such!) and she's also had a haircut . . . it's a serious business, this website thing!

And I insisted on a new picture too, because in the last one, I was wearing white and looked washed out.  Shup - I've become a very vain person, and as S said, I needed some "camera love"!

Now this comes on the heels of me discovering that I now need two sets of chicken fillets to fill out the bra I'm wearing . . . and this was a bra I only bought last year!  And having one of those "Oops, I think these panties are getting too big!" moments yesterday . . .

So there's been lots of laughing and teasing as the pictures are taken - including suggestions of props (because T has a teddy in her pic).  When I bounced up for my turn, S went to my desk and picked up my 'Taker cup and said she had the perfect prop for me!  Which of course had me in fits of laughter!

Then we wondered if we should hang Mr February inconspicuously behind me . . . and there's even been suggestions that S2 could photoshop 'Taker into my photo.  Perhaps with him licking my cheek . . . I'm not sure that's appropriate, though hot damn, bring it on! ;-)

But anyway, the whole point of this post was for me to do some more bragging on myself and post my latest photo!


T commented that this one makes me "look like a little girl" - not bad for someone turning 48 in a couple of months, eh? ;-)
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