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Randomness . . .

Was watching an ep of a show called Legend of the Seeker tonight - fantasy series, filmed in New Zealand and guest starring Jay Laga'aia in the first few eps (I know panthology recognises that name!).

It's not ground-breaking or even terribly original in terms of story, but some themes are universal in fantasy and this one - boy grows up, unaware of his true nature and destiny and is then confronted with this and must go off on a perilous quest to save the world, essentially while still on his L plates - is one of them.

It's based loosely on a series by Terry Goodkind, The Sword of Truth, which I haven't read, but during tonight's ep, when the boy hero comes face to face with a woman who says she's his birth mother (another classic theme, boy hero is taken from her and raised by "good folk" who are usually killed, which sends him off on his quest), I had a momentary flashback to a series I have read, and utterly adored - David Eddings' Belgariad.

Bruce Spence is playing the old wizard, and for a moment tonight, he made me think very much of Belgarath in Eddings' wonderful tales.  I must re-read those books!

So colour me a bit unsurprised but having one of those "Hey, I was just thinking that!" moments when, moments later, it turns out that the wizard Zed is actually the boy hero's grandfather. 

Also tonight, my cat, the Mad Maxie man, was behaving like a shit, jumping up on the fly screen in my study - which was funny when he was but a wee bubbie cat but now?  Weighing 6.2kg?  A definite hazard to the screen! 

Normally, this attention getting behaviour earns him a squirt from my handy water bottle to make him cease and desist.  Tonight?  He was almost drenched and still coming back for more.  And then I worked out why - there's a gree tree frog on the bricks outside the window!  I closed the window, and the blinds, so the froggie wasn't scared away - I love that we have those lovely creatures living around our home! 

But Maxie was still trying to work out how to get to this new plaything!  He's obviously gotten tired of the tiny black lizards he's been bringing into my study from the garage and losing at my feet!

And just to round out this extremely random post - I find it interesting in an odd way that I can have an audio interview with Glenn Jacobs on my playlist and find him an interesting person, not just someone with a great voice.  I listen to the interview quite often - it's kind of nice to be writing or whatever, and listen to him speak.  And in this interview, a couple of times he gets the giggles, which I find utterly adorable!  He's awful cute sounding when he's tickled!

I can also read his political blog and love him a little for (a) using the term "cognitive dissonance" to describe a situation and (b) knowing what "cognitive dissonance" means, while at the same time thinking that, were he and I to meet, we would probably fight like cat and dog over politics!  And that I think I'd enjoy that - because this is a man with a brain, and that's incredibly sexy.

Mark Callaway, on the other hand?  I've got interviews with him saved on my computer.  I do love listening to them - the man really does have the most wonderful voice, and I adore the accent!  I find Mr Callaway likewise a fascinating person.  But listen to him every day? 

No.  Nuh uh.  No way, Jose. 

And I've kinda been puzzling this over in my mind - the reason why this might be.  I mean, I am an equal opportunity Kane and 'Taker fangirl.  I think they're both sexy as fuck, and I admire them greatly as well - and I am aware there's a difference between those two things! ;-)

But Mark has an effect on me that Glenn just doesn't - that deep in the pit of the stomach quiver that . . . well, makes me convinced that around him?  Intelligent and articulate as I may be, and also well versed in hiding my anxiety, I would still be reduced to little more than stammering dingbat-ese in his presence.

I don't know why he has this effect on me.  But I'm reminded of Shakespeare, and the irony of me, a Business major, quoting this about the superstar who isn't an English major, is quite amusing.

From "Much Ado About Nothing" - and forgive me, for I am indeed quoting from the most-excellent movie version done by Kenneth Branagh and the wonderful Emma Thompson, who I adore:

Beatrice: Good Lord for alliance! Thus goes everyone to the world but I, and I am sunburnt; I may sit in a corner and cry 'heigh-ho!' for a husband.
Don Pedro: Lady Beatrice, I will get you one.
Beatrice: I would rather have one of your father's getting. Hath your grace not a brother like you? Your father got excellent husbands, if a maid could come by them.
Don Pedro: Will you have me, lady?
Beatrice: [pauses] No, my lord, unless I might have another for working-days. Your Grace is too costly to wear everyday. But I beseech your Grace to pardon me; for I was born to speak all mirth and no matter.
Don Pedro: Your silence most offends me, and to be merry best becomes you; for, out of question, you were born in a merry hour.
Beatrice: No, sure, my lord, my mother cried; but then there was a star danced, and under that was I born...
[Beatrice exits]
Don Pedro: By my troth, a pleasant-spirited lady.

Mark, like Don Pedro, is too costly to wear every day.  Better saved for special occasions, so that little thrill, that quiver, is never lost.

And on that random note, I'm going to bed! ;-)
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