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Things that make me happy . . . an ongoing series

Because I feel the need to be thankful in the beginning of the New Year!  Also because I am supposed to be working on the six monthly report, and as we all know, I can do anything if I'm supposed to be doing something else!

Today, I am thankful for:
  • the excellent bucket of coffee I inhaled first thing this morning, which was delicious and just what I needed to wake up my still-slumbering brain
  • having pretty new jewelry to wear - one as a result of an addition to "Things that Nepi is No Longer Allowed To Do".  To whit: Nepi is no longer allowed to go to Diva without responsible adult supervision.  Shup, I have a jewelry addiction, it's a very serious matter.  Plus, they were having a sale!  The other is a gift from my talented colleague S, who also makes her own jewelry, and made me a present of a pair of earrings she didn't think were "good enough" to sell in her Etsy store.  To which I said, "Pish tosh!" because I think they're gorgeous!  Pity I didn't remember til I was on the train that she isn't in today to see me wearing them! ;-)
  • My Undertaker Big Gulp cup . . . still!  Because he is encouraging me to su . . . ahem.  To drink my recommended daily allowance of water! ;-)  (Go on, you all know what I was going to say!)
  • A subscription to WWE Magazine, which is costing me for twelve months, with the current exchange rate, around what it would cost me to buy three issues at newstand prices.  If I can get it - my usual supplier apparently has decided not to carry it any longer.
  • The WWE calendar, which is now gracing my desk here at work!  K and I have already flicked through the year together and pronounced that, save for Big Show (ugh - Kane would have made a much better Mr October!), it's going to be a drool-worthy year!  Even if Randy Orton as Mr January isn't my cup of tea, can't argue with half-naked manflesh on principle!
  • The fact that said WWE calendar shows that January 6 is Epiphany . . . and I only had to glance up once to make sure I was spelling that correctly! -snickerfits-
  • The lovely little "Women's Wit" daily desk calendar that K3 gave me as a gift when she left for her new job.  Today:  "We can tell our values by looking at our checkbook stubs."  Gloria Steinem.  All I ever write cheques for is charitable donations - but I don't think that's a true representation of my values.  I mean, look at the list above - it's not all I spend money on! ;-)
And now, I really do need to get back to the report - Randy's giving me disapproving looks! ;-)  Plus, someone's just offered to make me another coffee - caffeine fix, here I come!
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