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Oh my freakin' God . . .


Now see, this was the reason I didn't watch it until now.  First, that show is so fuckin' good that I knew that I wouldn't be able to wait even a week between episodes, because I want to know NOWWWWWWWW what happens next!

Plus, I wanted solitude for it - cos hubby just fuckin' ruins it by asking a million questions while I'm trying to watch and it's impolite to say, "Fuck off, dickwad - you're only out here looking at the TV because there's nudity/simulated sex/whatever other vaguely pornographic hints that attracts you like a bug".  Love my hubby but dear God, sometimes he's just twelve different kinds of crass with that sort of thing.

And it interferes with my enjoyment of the soft core erotic aspects of the show! ;-)

Holy crap, Kitty, you were so right about Eric showing his true colours in ep 9!!!  He was soooooooo bad . . . I loved it!

Godric's death made me cry. 

That whole maenid storyline was eerily creepy and I loved Michelle Forbes as Marianne.  And the Fellowship of the Sun - man, if that isn't the creepiest thing out there, with how close it runs to any number of fundamentalist excuses for religions, I don't know what is!

The vampire spokeswoman - who the hell is she?  I've seen her in other things, I know I have - but man, I so laughed when Eric referred to her as "just a fucking bureaucrat"!

I also laughed at Jason and Andy as the saviours of Bon Temps . . . although the last scene, where Jason kills Eggs, was tragic and a real kick in the guts.

When Sookie got that gift from the expensive store . . . yeah, I know I'm jumping about here like a frog on a hotplate, but I'm so wired after like six hours of True Blood this morning! . . . when it arrived, and the girl said she had an admirer with good taste, or something like that, I was kinda hoping it was Eric who sent her something provocative!

Oh, and I loved Eric referring to Arlene's kids as "teacup humans"!  And Pam's face when she says she'll be smelling them for a week!

The Queen rocks!!!  I love her style - although that whole Yahtzee thing was like as LSD trip!  What the hell is she doing providing blood for Eric to get Lafayette to sell?  I look forward to seeing what happens with that storyline!

And who kidnapped Bill?  The Fellowship of the Sun maybe?  I doubt it was Lorena - although she's whackjob enough to try.



Now I can't wait for Season 3!!!!


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