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How about an update - how's that grab ya?

See Nepi.

See Nepi at the office on Christmas Eve.

See Nepi not do any work, but get paid for a full day even though she (and everyone else!) is going home at lunch time.

See Nepi post to LJ and generally goof off all morning, in between eating yummy but naughty snacks!

Seriously, I really love the organisation I work for!  There really probably won't be many of us at work today, but for those who are - bonus!  Not only is the organisation giving everyone an early mark by closing up early and giving us a full day's pay even if it's only for a few hours of . . . well, I won't call it work, cos there's gonna be precious little of that happening, I suspect - how about "showing up"?  But they're also catering lunch for us before sending us home early!

My desk is frighteningly clear because I've had the space over the last few days to tidy up and get some things done that have been on the "to do" list forever.  Filing, paper culling - all that stuff that only takes a few minutes but gets dumped to the end of the list in favour of "Oh my God, so im-pawwww-tant" stuff. 

I do actually have some work to do today, thanks to my wonderfully competent and sweet assistant - due to her efforts, we have managed to get the contract paperwork done for the vast majority of our new providers.  A Herculean task, since we have almost fifty of them!  So today's focus is on getting those in the post so that, hopefully, when the office reopens on 4 January, there's a great stack of them returned and signed!

And then, I'm done for the year! 

It's been a pretty excellent year, all things considered.  I'm happier and healthier than I've been in years - in fact, last time I saw my GP we actually discussed me reducing my anti-depressant medication.

For those coming late to the party, the short story is that I had a major breakdown six years ago and was diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder. 

Realistically, I think I've had the anxiety disorder all of my life but I'd just gotten very good at masking it.  If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, "Oh you couldn't have been nervous doing {X}, you sounded/looked/acted so confident!" - well, I'd never have to work another day in my life.

But I had some major hassles at work, and when the depression hit, the anxiety ramped up so bad I could barely leave the house.  And it hit me bad enough that I ended up in a psych hospital for two weeks because I'd had some serious suicidal thoughts. 

It took a long while for my GP (primary care physician) and I to find an anti-depressant that worked.  And then, in a particularly scary episode, that particular drug led to me hallucinating and being unable to sleep.  My psychiatrist later declared that I'd actually had something called serotonin syndrome, which can end up being fatal.

So back to the drawing board on the drugs, after having to withdraw completely from the ones that were in the process of killing me while driving me even more insane.  Anyway, I ended up on two drugs, one that helps me sleep at night, and then one that wakes me up in the morning.  Not an ideal situation, but these drugs have kept my moods stable and my nerves under control and that's what's important.

But the drug that wakes me up does give me tachycardia (raised heart rate), and the one that helps me sleep causes some wicked carbohydrate cravings. 

The GP and I discussed reducing the dose on the night time meds, with a view to eventually being able to reduce the dose on the daytime one.  That will have long term benefits, not least of which will be to take a little more strain off my heart.

I'm now taking only one and a half tablets at night now, and so far, so good.  I'm still sleeping well, although I have noticed I'm dreaming in a lot more detail.  That's not a bad thing - makes me wonder if that's one of the side-effects of the meds that I wasn't aware of until it was lessened.  I'll continue at that dose for a few weeks and once I'm sure I'm okay with it, then I'll drop down to one tablet and see what happens! 

If nothing else, it'll save me money on drugs!

Weight loss continues, slowly.  Part of that is because I've been cheating and skipping my exercise, so I've had to re-dedicate my efforts.  However, it's now kick-started again and that's good - doesn't matter that I fell off the wagon, just that I get up and get back on it!

I'm loving being able to buy cute little summer dresses to wear too!  But I've had to resort to my chicken fillets again, as my boobies have shrunk even further! Waaaah!  I need help to fill up all my pretty new bras!  Some day, I swear, I'll have the best boobies money can buy! ;-)

But in the meantime, rock on pretty dresses and pretty jewelry courtesy of dangerpuddle and her Etsy store!

What else is happening?

Part of my improved health and mood and all that good stuff is improved relationships with people, and that's all kinds of wonderful.

I've spent a lot of years keeping people at arm's length so they couldn't hurt me, which led to being rather isolated in what are normally social settings, like work.  But this year, I've been delighted to find that I can let people close to me and they're generally loving and supportive and just awesome!

It's so nice to hug and be hugged, to give and receive gifts, to laugh and chatter and share jokes!  Like this one, that's got us all in fits here -

Renault and Ford are working on a new small car for women. They are mixing the Clio and the Taurus, and calling it the "Clitaurus."  It comes in pink (with or without fur on the dash) and the average male thief won't be able to find it, even if someone tells him where it is.

And it's nice to be able to be there for people - one of my colleagues who left to join another organisation has been having the most appalling time with her now-ex partner, and I've loved being able to offer her my love and support, a friendly ear, whatever she needs.  And we'll celebrate when she's in her new place, which he won't know about, and she's feeling safe and secure again.

Tomorrow, hubby and I are heading up to my mother's place (a few hours drive away) for Christmas lunch with her and my unmarried sister, and my brother and his family will be joining us after lunch.  Then we'll head home and get started on some serious relaxing!

Breaking news: one of our organisation's websites has been hacked by morons.  Dunno what they think they can get out of it, except the serious thrillz of knowing their names will be seen by the maybe hundred or so people who are interested in our upcoming 2010 conference.  Assholes.  Although it has livened up a rather humdrum Christmas Eve!

Our comms officer has resigned, and he's insisting that this was not his last act on his last day - because if he'd done it, it would at least look good!  I'm betting on a group of bored teenage boys with faces like loaded pizzas, and asses spread from years being social losers and couch potatoes, chortling gleefully in basements to one another over chat messages about what big men they are, and how they rulez the interwebz, while they wait for their crappy free porn downloads to start.

Have a sweeping generalisation? Why thank you, I think I will! ;-)

Other than that, my plans for my vacation are pretty simple - I'd like to carve out some time to put fingers to keyboard and work on my poor fics, which have been sadly neglected little bunnies lately.  I've got plenty to write, I've just lacked time to actually write it!

Okay, the office is degenerating!!  I think it's safe to say we're just marking time til we have lunch and go home!  There's nothing like a discussion on husbands and toilet habits to get the laughter started!

See Nepi.

See Nepi tidy up her desk for the last time this year!

Have a merry Christmas everyone!!

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