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So I have a gallon of coffee, and I'm reading the funniest thing ever here - apologies to those of the flist who are Twilight fans, but this is even funnier than the fifteen minute version of the movie that had me in stitches - "I AM THE WORLD'S SPARKLIEST PREDATOR!" FTMFW!

And this snippet had me laughing out loud, so I'm gonna share it:

(Review of Book one: Twilight)

Three hundred pages after "Oh, you like me too? No way, I thought you hated me!", the plot arrives late to the party, drunk, in a beat-up '53 Chevy pick-up truck. It drives away about fifty pages later and crashes into a tree, gets sent to the hospital, and is rarely heard from again throughout the course of the series.

That is pure frickin' gold and is way better than anything SMeyers, drama llama extraordinaire, manages to churn out in five whole books!