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Things Nepi is No Longer Allowed To Do . . .

(inspired by Skippy's list, or "The 213 Things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the Army"!)

So, I've had me quite the day!

First, I bounce out of bed at sun-up - well, actually, a bit after sun-up, when hubby's alarm went off. He had to work today, but I don't! However, I was determined to get a head start on my chores and such.

Grab the towels and head for the washing machine, off to a flying start! Putting away last night's ironing, folding the last of the clothes, folding the towels and sheets to put away.

All grinding to a halt a few minutes later, as I discover what the feline in residence got up to last night.

I mentioned that dangerpuddle had sent me a lovely box of goodies. Well, part of that box was some beautiful hand spun yarn. One in a nice neat ball, the other still in a twisted skein. The box had been sitting on my ironing board all week, and I hadn't had the chance to find homes for the things still in it.

I had to move it to iron, and I put it within cat reach. Oops! The nice neat skein? Now not so neat.

So I carefully hung one end over a drawer pull in my study and sat down with my coffee to start winding it into a ball.

This was my second mistake - Max launched himself into the skein, because all that multicoloured yarn is the world's best cat toy!

So I got to spend a couple of hours untangling and winding! While Max looked at the closed door of the study from the other side (according to hubby) - that door's not usually closed to him.

Right, then it was back on course . . . until hubby discovered that somehow the sliced ham we'd bought at the supermarket hadn't made it home with us. Maybe we left a bag behind? So I needed to make a trip to the store on the way home from taking him to the train so he'd have some for tomorrow.

Right, third attempt at chores - strip the bed, sheets in the washer now, quick shower and it's into the study again for the usual desk day stuff. Pay the bills, balance the cheque book. Today I had to write some business letters too.

Then it was onto the Christmas cards - wisely, I'd decided not to attempt printing more envelopes last night after supper, because that's when I get tired and brain dead and start fucking things up. So, merrily printing envelopes, all good . . . run out of cards.

Well not exactly - I've got a huge stockpile of Christmas cards because I buy nice ones each year in the post Christmas sales so I always have plenty on hand.

But I picked up some new ones at the dollar store last weekend - shup, I love Christmas and dollar stores!

And I'd spent hours last night picking the right pictures to print for the envelopes for my colleagues. Should have counted the colleagues when I bought the cards huh?

No worries, figured I'd make a quick trip to the dollar store and get another box. Three bucks. And I could grab more stamps too, for those business letters.

Ten minutes, tops.

Twenty minutes later - shup, there was a line at the post office . . . twenty minutes and thirty three bucks later, I'm home.

See, I wanted to buy the cat his own tinsel, and I forgot on the weekend while I was out cruising another dollar store. Shup, he's got a tinsel fetish too! Plus he keeps poking his head in the bag of tinsel I bought last weekend.

So I was just gonna buy one, but they had more fat ropes, the dark green ones with frosted tips - I love those! And they were five for ten bucks, so who's gonna pass that up, right?

Plus, I got the last three boxes of those Christmas cards - they're pop up ones, that I can never post cos they get squashed by the post office, but they're great for hand delivering at the office.

Then I spotted the Christmas accessories!!! Squeeeeeeeeee! Two pairs of cute earrings - one with beads shaped like Christmas tree lights, and one with little bells and tiny balls.

And right next to them - temporary tattoos and body jewels! SCORE!!!

And yeah, it was thirty three bucks and I went in for a box of three dollar cards.

So, in accordance with the prophecy -snickering-

Things Nepi Is No Longer Allowed To Do:

1. Go to the dollar store unsupervised by a responsible adult

2. Especially at Christmas time

3. Buy any more tinsel!

4. Leave yarn where the Maxie-cat can reach it

Um that's all for now, I think.

But hey, go me! All the Christmas cards are done and ready to be posted! Only a week late! (I like to have them out before December 1, usually.)

And now . . . a lazy afternoon, followed by dinner, TV and a fresh pedicure with bright red nail polish. Because I have three Christmas parties to go to this week!
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