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I know I've said it before . . .

. . . but I love my office!

So, this week, I got a lovely parcel of goodies from the ever-wonderful dangerpuddle , which included the 7 Eleven superstar cups that were released for SummerSlam this year. You know, these cups:

Colour me happy, I got two of the 'Taker cups! (I skipped Edge and Kelly Kelly, but I did ask for two Trips ones, so I could send one to panthology ).

Now, I dunno about you, but I think that's an absolutely smokin' pic of the Deadman. So, since I have two of them, I figured one of them should come with me to the office.

I'm pretty religious about drinking enough water, but I gotta tell you, 'Taker is really inspiring me to go above and beyond the call! It's something about those eyes, just begging me to pick him up and bring him closer to my lips . . .


Anyway, my colleagues can't help but notice this great big cup on my desk, and the reaction's pretty much the same every time. "Oh my God. Where on earth did you get that?"

We didn't get the cups at 7 Eleven down under, y'see. O, my colleague who's the wrestling fan, was way impressed! I think the others were more amazed that a grown woman would have such a thing . . . -snickers-

So, I discovered that these cups will take more than a litre of water. And you Yanks would fill these with soda? Good Lord!

But I do like to keep track of how much I drink, so I fill my one litre water bottle from the cooler, and then pour it into the cup.

Now here's where it gets amusing . . . once I've got a litre of water in the cup, because of its size, I can't pick it up with one hand, because it's wider than my water bottle. And it's kinda weighty too.

Which led to me telling K yesterday afternoon that it takes two hands to handle 'Taker.

I thought she was going to pee herself, she was laughing so hard!

Now, when I related this story to Panthie later in the day, I told her she'd find that Trips was the same, when she gets her cup in the mail.

Nah, she tells me, she's gonna use a straw. Because, of course, Trips only has two words for ya . . . -snickerfits-

But you know what? I've discovered that she's dead right. It's much easier to suck on the Deadman than it is to grab him with both hands.

I'm not sure I'm gonna share that revelation with my colleagues though! ;-)


Dec. 2nd, 2009 03:56 am (UTC)
Yeah see I need to send you a picture of the 'Taker sippy cup my Dad bought me like 10 years ago. It's awesome...and I've never been able to bring myself to actually USE it. It's just a conversation piece. *wink* I keep threatening to ask friends who have connections to get Mark to sign it but that would mean I'd either A-have to part with it even for a small time frame or B-be in Mark's presence at some point to ask him to autograph it myself. Neither of those options appeal to me that much. I mean I'd LOVE to be in Mark's presence but yeah not a good idea...