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It's official - the Brothers of Destruction are very definitely inspirational! Because I have added two new stories to my website today!
The first of these,"Try and stop me" is the latest in the Adventures with the Circus series, and features Kane. 

The second is the start of another series, Pros and Cons, again featuring Kane. I originally thought it was a one-shot, but my sneaky brain has other ideas! So, for your enjoyment, I present "Part the first - Pros?". Stay tuned for further instalments! 

I'm hoping to have the next chapter of "It's not over" posted by the end of the week. I tell you, creativity is definitely running hot! 

Oh, and in case anyone is worried about the fact that Taker might be getting jealous of all the attention (and action!) his baby brother is getting, I have an idea for a Taker fic on the back burner. I'd say it's a one-shot, but I'd probably be lying, knowing the way my brain works!