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Things that make me happy . . .

A wonderful dream last night about Kane and 'Taker that I actually remember in great detail!  Brothers of Destruction rule!!  -gigglefits-

Coming into the office and having one of my colleagues tell me I was in her dreams last night, telling her that it was "time to move on".  From what, neither of us are sure! 

This apparently really struck a chord with her, because fifteen minutes later the Executive Director came in to tell me he'd heard I was in her dreams!  I told him it was because I am a goddess - he said that of course I was!  I also told him that if her "moving on" ends up being her resigning, he can't pin it on me, dreams notwithstanding!

For the first time this week, I am not feeling anxious and panicky about work.  Because I have A Plan.  That involves a discussion with my manager this afternoon - for which I'd appreciate some good luck thoughts.  Had an epiphany yesterday (and yes, I know how to spell it! :-p) while talking with dangerpuddleabout how I can let my manager know when I'm drowning.  I think it will work - but I also have to thank all my friends for being supportive in the simplest and best way, just by caring about me.  That has bolstered my confidence to start standing up for myself more, which is a good thing.

I've had a couple of other meetings this morning that shifted some of the load off my work shoulders, which has also helped.  And I had the oportunity to tell O when she asked about one of our speshul snowflake providers wanting the moon for something, to "Tell her to fuck off!"

My colleagues love it when I slip the leash on my inner Evil Overlord!  But my boss refuses to let me tell providers in writing to fuck the hell off - spoilsport!

And this last little gem - our project coordinates professional support activities, and when we offer catering, we do ask on our registration forms for any dietary requirements.  We've seen it all on those - apart from the usual suspects (lactose intolerance, gluten free, vegetarian), we get the "I'm pregnant" and "I don't like chocolate" ones that make us giggle.

But this, sent around by the always hysterical K as a giggle, absolutely won the prize this morning . . .

I’d like to register for an event in {region} please. I have dietary requirements as follows:

I can’t eat wheat, eggs, meat, fish, dairy, commercially produced vegetables, non-organic fruit, cultivated nuts, or grains from the earth. So, just a sliver of steamed polystyrene for me, thanks.


Just let me know if you have any problems meeting my requirements, I’d also like that polystyrene cut into quarters, ta!

Which is particularly funny because that speshul snowflake provider I'd been ranting about?  Is almost this bad with her dietary demands!
Now, back to work!
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