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While the boss is away . . .

. . . well, let's just say the office has been pretty relaxed today.

But I am now officially freaked!

We've been surfing YouTube for music - hell, I was even Rick-rolled earlier, which made me laugh!

But K2 has just found something utterly fucking freaky - Nick Pitera.  Now, I dunno if you've ever heard of him, but apparently he's a bit of a sensation.

Why?  Because he sings like a girl.  Srsly.

The first one she played was "A whole new world" from that Disney movie.  And without seeing the vid, I actually thought it was a guy and a girl doing a fair duet.  And then they told me he was singing the girl's part as well.

What. The. Fuck?

She's just played "I will always love you" and swear to God, I've got creepy gooseflesh happening.

Wrong on so many levels!  I need me a big dose of 'Taker or Kane - some serious manflesh, anyway.  Just to take the nasty taste out of my mouth!
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