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Happy moments!

Stealing that subject line from my colleague S, just returned to the office today after her honeymoon.  She and new hubby were on a whale watching trip, and a little Japanese tourist was overcome with joy seeing fish (not even whales, just fish!) in the water that she exclaimed in that wonderful, nonsensical Japanese- English, "Happy moments!"

A pair of cute fluffy polar bear ears on a headband, purchased in a fit of excitement at Sea World because OMGWTFPolarBears!  Hubby said, "What are you going to do with those?"  I told him I was taking them to work, so I could wear them in the office.  He didn't believe me.  HA!  I've had those puppies on every day this week!  Because they make me giggle, and they look cute.  So there!

An appointment with my endocrinologist yesterday, for my half yearly diabetes check up.  That started with her giving me a huge smile and saying, "Come in!  Goodness, you're a shadow of your former self!"

Ask me if I'm tired of hearing that yet! ;-)

All the news is good - fasting blood sugar and overall blood glucose control is excellent, and in non-diabetic ranges.  And I'm doing that without medication, just watching my diet and exercise.

In fact, she suspects if they did a glucose tolerance test on me now, I'd probably come back as no longer having diabetes.  But I'm with her - far better to continue to behave as if I am, and keep it monitored, than take my eyes off the prize and slip back into poor control. 

Cholesterol and liver function tests all tip top and actually improved since last time I saw her.  Blood pressure bang on normal - still taking some medication for that, but mostly that's to counteract the side effects of one of the medications I take for anxiety, and to keep my kidney functions stable.

We discussed the impact of the banding surgery - she's got other patients she'd like to see try it, so she's seeking information to pass on to them.  And I couldn't think of one time in the last twelve months when I thought, "I wish I hadn't had that surgery."  It's been such an overwhelmingly positive, and life-altering thing.

And i don't mention them enough - but I'm really grateful for my friends! 

One of my colleagues moved on to a new job last week, but we're staying in touch to become friends in "the real world".  She left me a little gift on her last day, which will make me think of her often, and I look forward to getting together with her once she's settled in her new job for a coffee and catch up!

I've also been blessed with wonderful friends in the virtual world.  Like the lovely dangerpuddle, who always makes me smile.  Chatting with her while we both work makes the day go quicker!

Likewise panthology, who is both a real world and virtual world friend, and who I've known almost since I first got online!  And it's especially nice to have someone to fangirl with over wrestling, since I dragged her into this crazy fandom ;-)

And then there's new friends, like lyndasty, who has pretty much made my day by fangirling over my writing (quickest way to a writer's heart, trust me!), and squeeing happily with me over Mark's smile and Glenn in blue jeans! ;-)

Last but not least, you have to check this out - 100 facts about Chuck Norris.  I sent an old version of these around the office this week, simply because someone mentioned Chuck Norris and I was reminded how much they make me laugh.  But that link has a bunch of new ones!  Chuck Norris runs Vista on his Etch-a-Sketch -gigglefits-

And I guess that's my update - later, taters!

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