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green eyes

Two months and counting to the Smackdown/ECW tour down under, and I flick onto the Ticketek website today to see how sales are going . . . and see links to the card for each show. 

So of course I had to take a look for Brisbane . . . http://premier.ticketek.com.au/content/pdf/WWESMACK08_CardBrisbane.pdf 


Now, I know that these cards can change, and I also know that they're currently listing Taker and Kane as champions because at this point they are. It's not a clear indication that they are planning to let them hang onto the titles for the next two months, but jesus wept, isn't it time they did get a reasonable run at holding the belts? 

Honestly, I can't think of two guys more deserving of getting title belts than Taker and Kane, simply because both Mark and Glenn have done a fuck of a lot of work for the WWE over the years. 

I sent out yesterday's task reminder in my office with a pic of Taker and Kane and did indeed threaten to set the Brothers of Destruction onto anyone who didn't get the lead out, and one of the admin girls said "Undertaker and Kane? They were wrestling when I was a little girl!" Okay, so she's only in her early twenties, but still! 

I won't mention that the other admin girl is on my shit list for looking at the pic (the one on my last blog) and saying Kane had love handles. Love handles!! I was gobsmacked! 

Okay, I' m over that now, so I'm going back to squeeing over possibly seeing Undertaker live in two months! 

Happy little fanbrat here!