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I love my office . . . an ongoing series!

So, back in the office full time this week, since the swiiiiiiiiine flu has left me, just in time for panthology 's visit.

Yesterday, I was on a high and extremely sleep deprived after SummerSlam - watched it live which was 10am to 1pm in Australia, and then caught two encore performances because . . . squeeeeeeee!  'Taker's back!


Okay, I'm good now.


I lied ;-)

Anyway, here I was, massively wired on energy drinks and caffeine.  And I brought in the WWE coffee mug and coaster for my desk and was showing this off to everyone.

We've had a change of staff - M, she who bullied me so nastily a few weeks back, has swanned off on extended leave (which was planned before the bullying incident), and she's been replaced by O.  Now O was working on another project in the organisation which was finalised a little while back, and she's shifted across to do M's job while she's away.

I like O - she's a lady in her fifties, I'd guess, who's a ball of laughs and very friendly.

So, I'm proudly displaying my WWE mug and coaster and O says, "Oh, you watch wrestling too?  Who's your favourite?"

Colour me surprised - O's a fan too!

The other girls here won't know what hit them!  ;-)


Aug. 26th, 2009 10:40 pm (UTC)
I remember watching both Kane's match and 'Taker's glorious return and thinking "I bet Nepi had a great time with this..." *grin* Wasn't it fantastic, though?

There was squee. Mucho de squee. First my Big Red God scores a win, in a match that had the potential to be awful but wasn't, and then, right in the closing minutes, the hottest Deadman on the planet made a long overdue return!!

Happy camper right here!

Oh, there might have been some other matches, and these fellas called DX showed up, I think . . . ;-)

As for mayhem, that starts this weekend when panthology comes to stay overnight before heading home. Wrestling DVDs and the big screen TV - hubby's already said he's retreating to his study with the door closed!

You may well hear us from over the pond!