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This is all Desi's fault!

That's right - I'm totally blaming heartbreakshow !

See, she posted a link to . . . -snickering madly-  No, you have to go look at it yourself here - warning, it's not exactly worksafe, that link!

Anyway, it's sparkly, and it's vampy, and I am still giggling about that line in the fifteen minute version of Twilight about "the world's sparkliest predator!".

So I had to go re-read it.  And then I checked out the other fifteen minute versions on the comm.  Which are totally and utterly made of win, seriously. 

But this is the one that's had me laughing myself sick - 300 in fifteen minutes.  I knew at this point in the recap that I was gonna love it:

[The woman at Leonidas’s side expresses her disdain.]
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SOME PERSIAN: Who is this pitiful she-creature who dares flip Persia the Double Deuce?

LEONIDAS: That’s my queen, Gorgo.

SOME PERSIAN: “Gorgo”? Seriously?

QUEEN GORGO: *snarls*

Because Queen Gorgo totally and utterly rocked, bitches!

I can't begin to tell you how much I loved this recap!  I was hacking up my lungs again at the end, because uncontrollable laughter can bring the swiiiiiiiiine flu back from the dead, who knew?  But I didn't care, because it was freakin' brilliant!

LEONIDAS: Yeah. What’d you want again?

SOME PERSIAN: Submission to an omnipotent god-king…?

LEONIDAS: Why don’t we take a friendly walk to the pit?

Sparta, Ten Years Ago

LEONIDAS: Hello, Home Depot? Can you give me some prices on a bottomless pit?

Sparta, Today

SOME PERSIAN: Wait, is this a bottomless pit…?


Look, I could quote from this thing til the end of time, and I still wouldn't get all the best bits!  Go - read.  Laugh like a crazy bitch - make people look at you like you're a loon.  It'll totally be worth it!
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