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Oh my fucking god!! Please please please let it be so!


Okay, so this is one deliriously happy little fanbrat right now - not only do Taker and Kane hold the titles they so richly deserve, but how damn cool is it that the Brothers of Destruction are on the rampage again?? 

That match on Smackdown - brother versus brother - the week after Wrestlemania was . . . holy crap, if you didn't see it, then do yourself a favour and scoot on over to and check out the Smackdown archives. They have the video of the best part of the match there. 

It started out, frankly, as a bit of a yawn. I was actually a bit startled - I mean, these guys are pretty freaking terrific in the ring usually, and this was just marginally more than a pushy pushy and trading of armlocks and headlocks. What the fuck? 

And then Kane gave Taker a good hard shove and I swear, you could hear the match shift gears! Up til then, notwithstanding the colour commentary, it had really looked like neither of them wanted to be wrestling the other, but really not trying to show it.
But after that, man, the gloves came off! Then it was stellar - the two of them trading punches and giving it their all. The best part of the match came when they were trying to chokeslam one another, and then both landing the big boot simultaneously! 

Of course, when they both went down, I knew that there'd be a simultaneous sit upright and I wasn't disappointed. But how delighted was I when they went from being opponents to being partners against the invasion of Edge, Chavo and the Edgeheads. 

Again, simultaneous chokeslams, and then drawing the hand over the throat for simultaneous tombstone piledrivers! Hate to say it though - Kane, buddy, your tombstone piledriver needs a leeeetle work! 

Anyway, I surfed onto yesterday for inspirational reasons and what did I see? Taker and Kane had a match in London! 

Now, the last time Smackdown was down under, they didn't come to Sydney, and I was royally pissed because it was the last time Taker was gonna do an overseas tour and I missed out on seeing the Deadman live. So while I can (and am!) looking forward to seeing Kane in the delectable flesh in June, I knew Taker wouldn't be coming along. 

But!! Taker was in LONDON! He went overseas!! 

Is it because he's currently holding the championship? If that's the case, then please please please please let him still be holding it in June! I'll sacrifice a Diva (or ten) to the Gods of Wrestling to let it be so! 
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