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Things that make me happy . . . an ongoing series

Back in the office today after a week of vacation and most of a week of being sick with the flu.  Not sure if it was the swiiiiiiiiiiine flu, but it's likely.  Apparently, doctors around here are saying it's so endemic at the moment, if you're sick, it's 90% likely that's what you've got.  I do know I spent the last week or so attempting to cough up my lungs, and I'd like the faucet that's been installed in my nose to be un-installed.

But anyway, well enough today to come into the office.  And these things are making me happy.

My pictures of 'Taker and Kane on my desk - I missed my boys!  Yeah, yeah, I know I've been cuddled up with 'Taker for the last week (in his t-shirts, though don't I wish I meant that literally!) but it's not the same ;-)

My lovely co-workers to chat with.

Having to wear a belt to keep my pants up - this would be a pair of pants I bought a month ago ;-)

Nipping over to Citizen X's blog to see what Glenn's got to say . . . and discovering he's got a widget that tracks who visits the page and where they come from.  Don't know if I should be wondering if I'm the only one in my city, or asking him if he's trying to introduce Big Brother!  Maybe after coffee I'll feel more like being an agitator . . . ;-)

The prospect of coffee . . .

And rkowhore79 's post about how Nicky's "junk" violates PB's terms of service!  Chica, that one made me laugh out loud here in the office!  You rock . . . even if your taste in men is suspect! :-p
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