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How about an update? How's that grab ya? ;-)

Rather than a bunch of posts about how much I love getting calls on my cellphone and showing off videos of the cuteness I've been seeing at the Ekka.

And for the record, yep, still digging on 'Taker on my cellphone! Probably a little too much . . . what am I saying? There's no such thing as too much when it comes to 'Taker!

Says the woman who's bought four 'Taker t-shirts already (3 official ones and one "unofficial" - bad ass 'Taker, yum!), had her picture taken with his standie (will scan and share later) and might just be going back to snag a 'Taker skull pendant in the next few days! Oh, and paid twenty bucks for a wrestling show bag, and was delighted just with having a set of coasters and playing cards with a pic of Kane, Trips and 'Taker on them! (You can keep the Rey Mysterio crap that came with it, although the coffee mug is designed so I'll just see the WWE logo, so it can stay!) What, me obsessed? ;-)

Okay, saw my surgeon on Monday. Weight loss has slowed, but body shape has started changing with my new exercise routines. I'm smaller, if not lighter. But this is apparently common, we've tightened the band up again and all should now be good. And he's asked me to speak at another seminar - apparently my before and after pictures are now quite the feature in his presentations! Can't wait til the "after" ones are even better!

Also met another of his patients, who's actually lost all of her excess weight and looks fantastic! She and I and his receptionist were comparing notes about the fun stuff that goes with losing so much weight - how great it is to be able to shop at ordinary stores, and not pay hugely inflated prices for plus-size clothing. The fun of being able to buy pretty bras and matching panties.

I actually had a couple of "what the hell" moments of weight loss recently. K at work pointed out to me, very lovingly, that I'm now getting "chicken legs". While my body is smaller, I still have a lot of excess skin around my tummy that makes that part of me look a bit disproportionate to the rest of me. So my jeans may fit (or delightfully, be loose after only a month!) around my tummy, they are way too big around my legs.

However, this does mean that when I step out in the new straightline denim skirt I bought last month, with tights under it, I get wolfwhistled at! By strange men! I could not believe it! But I think I can get used to it! ;-)

The second - hubby needed a new pair of business shoes, so on Saturday we gave the Ekka a miss in favour of shopping and the movies. He's trying on shoes, and I'm browsing - wasn't actually planning on buying shoes for myself, til I saw these cute ones. Little button down Mary Janes, with the tiniest wedge heel.

And because I was bored, I figured I might try them on. They had a size 8 - now, if I'm lucky, I can fit a size 8. If it's a wide fitting. Usually though, I wear an 8.5. Colour me surprised when the 8 was too big. Tried a 7.5 . . . and it fitted! Not "so very snug, but I can get my foot in this" - actual comfortable fit.

I've dropped a whole fuckin' shoe size! No wonder my current shoes all feel too big!

So I bought them - they'll be perfect for work. But how exciting to think even shoe shopping will be easier now!

The last - well now, here's one that really tickled me. I was in my favourite fashion jewelry store - Diva - and saw this pretty ring. Now usually, I'm not a fashion jewelry ring person - I prefer my gold and the silver I do have is set with semi-precious gems. But this one was so cute - so I was looking for a large size. And holy hell - now my fingers are small enough to fit a "medium" in fashion fewelry!

Actually, by the time it got to evening at the Ekka yesterday (and you know how much smaller your fingers are in the cold), I had to shift it to my middle finger to keep it on! Now, this had been my eventual plan - figuring I had a few months before that would happen.

And then, on the train on the way home, a teenage girl sat opposite us and looked at the ring and chirped up with "Oh, I love your ring!"

So not only can I wear the cute fashion rings, they look good on my hands now! Colour me thrilled to bits!

Even more so - hubby and I celebrate our tenth anniversary in November. And I told him that what I really wanted was a plain wedding band.

See, my wedding and engagement bands:


are getting way too big. As in, I can fit them on my middle finger now. And I don't want to have them resized yet, because I'll have to have it done again later when I've lost more weight.

They're lovely rings, but the problem with them has always been that because of their design, I can't wear the wedding band alone. It has this "hook" on it that fits it against the setting of the engagement band. Which catches everything - probably worse than my engagement ring does. So I have to wear both rings, and you can't wear a diamond all the time without having to spend a fortune having the rings cleaned every six months.

So I asked hubby if maybe he could buy me a plain band, that I can wear now, and will fit with the other bands once I have them resized. I also want to have them joined together, to make them one ring.

He agreed, so I went to the local jeweler to see what my options were. I could have a new band made to fit with the existing ones, which would be very expensive. Or perhaps just have a simple band that I could wear everyday, and wear the other bands when I'm out.

He had some simple bands with diamond, with a slight curve, and he thought they might actually fit against the existing bands pretty well. And to my amazement, that band actually fit! I have "normal" size fingers now! For someone who always had to have rings resized in the past, you have no idea what a kick I got out of thinking that if hubby likes that ring, he can buy the little sucker and I can wear it out of the store!

I know - I'm weird. Seriously. But hey, it's all part of my unspeakable charm, doncha know? ;-)

In other less than terrific news, I made a formal complaint against one of my co-workers for her bullying a few weeks ago. And since this is her last week before she goes on extended leave, I get to break my vacation to go in for a formal meeting with my boss and her on Thursday. Yay. She's aready been spoken to about this, and apparently fled the workplace and sent someone else in to pick up her purse so she could go home. And is working from home today.

Consensus between K and I is that she's setting up a "but I'm the victim here!" defence - and have I got news for her. Because I have fuckin' witnesses to what she did, including the boss, and the shit she pulled when the boss was out of the office. Is documented. So that dog ain't gonna hunt. No way, no how. Tough - she can cry me a fuckin' river, build a bridge and get over it.

If all goes well, I'll come in for the meeting, say my piece and then toddle myself off to the Ekka to look at more kitties. And puppies! And maybe even baby puppies! If I'm a good girl - well okay, no way I could be that without hurting myself, maybe if I'm a lucky girl? ;-)

The all going well part - well, I have managed to pick up a cold bug of some description. Hey, you get 50,000 people in one place, there's bound to be a few sick ones amongst them. And germs are equal opportunity. I've got the sexy husky voice thing happening - which I kinda like. Could live without the achy feeling, and the headache. Hopefully a few days of rest will see me right though - especially since the Evermore concert's on Saturday night!

So maybe spend the next day cuddled up on the couch in one of my new 'Taker t-shirts and watching a bunch of wrestling. Then I'll be raring to go again!

And I guess that's me updated! Later, taters!
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