Nephthys (nephthys_abode) wrote,

Have I mentioned I love the girls in my office?

So, was out this morning in a meeting with my boss, after the recent events here that left me feeling a bit vulnerable and shaken. 

She was great, letting me know in no uncertain terms that the organisation was one hundred percent behind me, and that action was being taken to make sure things got better.  And that's good.  Left me feeling in a much better place going forward.

But since this was a meeting that was held at a coffee shop, so the two of us could have an open conversation, I left my cellphone on my desk.  Because I really didn't want 'Taker interrupting at an inconvenient moment - you know how it is, he's just so demanding ;-)

What I didn't think about was that hubby usually calls around lunchtime, and he calls my cellphone, because he knows that number and can never remember my work number.  Hence the real reason the cellphone sits on my desk, so I don't miss his calls.

When I got back after my meeting, the phone was giving the beep that alerts that there's a message waiting, and even before I picked it up to see what it was (missed text or call, they're both 'Taker voice clips), I said to the girls, "I'm sorry that you had to hear that big sexy Texan talking while I was out".

To which K responded, "Well yes, he does sound like a big sexy Texan!"

What else could I say but, "You don't know the half of it!"

S then said, "Actually, what we were really thinking was that you are so strange!" 

And she really doesn't know the half of that either!  ;-)

That was on top of K2 looking at me in astonishment earlier when I squeed on a bit about spending my vacation at the Ekka (see my previous post about that!) and saying, "If someone had asked me what you would say about Ekka, I would have sworn you'd say there were too many people, and it was dirty and smelly and you hated it!"

I just love being unpredictable!  And I really do just love the girls in my office!
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