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Now just wait a cotton-pickin' minute!

Masked Kane 

So, I'm currently working on two fics - It's Not Over is a long work in progress, featuring Glenn/Kane, and then there's the next instalment of Adventures with the Circus. 

It's working out rather nicely, inspiration being very kind to me with both stories. When I'm stuck on one, the other one usually steps up nicely to compensate! 

I also have the beginnings of another story simmering away, gestating in my brain. I do love being inspired! 

Anyway, TV at the moment is a wasteland, except for many hours of wrestling on the iQ . . . oh, must mention this, they've started showing TNA as a weekly event on cable here. Until now, you could only see the Pay Per View events.

I recorded it on Saturday night and sat down to watch the other night . . . well, talk about old home week! Kurt Angle (who, god forgive me, actually looks pretty damn good!), Christian, Bubba and D'von, even Golddust, although he's wrestling as "Black Rain" there. And a plethora of former Divas, including Jacqueline, Christy Hemme and another one who's name rang bells as a former winner of a Diva Search.

However, man, you can tell they don't have the kind of money the WWE does. The show is put on in dinky little venues. the production value is almost nil, and there was one squealing woman in the audience that really should have been fitted with a ball gag - god there is nothing more irritating than squealing!

But anyway, because TV's not up to much, I've been doing a few hours of writing before bed, and the other night it paid off big time in the form of an utterly wonderful dream starring certain persons of the WWE.

I was a very happy litle camper when I woke up, let me tell you!

There is a downside though . . . said dream has inspired thoughts of yet another story! And goddamnit, I don't have time to write it! I've told my brain this repeatedly, and yet does it listen? No, it just keeps replaying portions of that wonderful dream and hinting about scenes for this new fic!

I just don't know where I'm gonna get the time to write it - two stories on the go already, plus the third, as well as at least two other joint writing projects just cranking up again.

I need one of those pensieves from Harry Potter, to download these story ideas so I don't lose 'em!!

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