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Why yes, I am easily amused, why do you ask? ;-)

To nick a phrase from panthology  - look, an update!

Don't get too excited, it ain't much of an update.  Because my brain, she is fried.  Turned to mush, in fact.

It's like this, see - my job is contracts nazi in residence for a not-for-profit organisation.  The project I work for specifically has a contract that's going to run around ten million dollars over three years.  That's a pretty fair chunk of change, by anyone's standards. 

So I take my job pretty seriously - after all, it's why they hired me.  I have extensive government experience, and know contracts better than pretty much anyone in the organisation.  So yes, I know our funding agreement inside and out, particularly what our responsibilities are.

One of those is a six monthly report - which is way better than under our previous funding agreement.  They wanted quarterly reports, and they were a bitch and a half to prepare.

Now, new funding agency, new report format. I have been warning my colleagues for months that I'll be needing a different type of information from them.  I showed them all where the report format was saved on our server.  Encouraged them to start thinking about this stuff early so it wasn't a last minute rush.

Did anyone listen?  No, they did not.

So I've been working insanely long and extra hours trying to get this report pulled together and submitted on time, because hey, it's not like they didn't tell us months ago what the deadline was.  And having the report in on time is a good thing, right?

Wow, that turned into a bit of a rant, didn't it?  And I haven't even mentioned the fact that, during this process, I was treated absolutely abysmally by one of my colleagues - to a point where I felt I needed to email my boss to tell her about it.  And then another one turned around and bullied me for an entire day over another part of my job - that's going to end up the subject of a formal complaint, thankyouverymuchbitch.

But that was not the point of this post!  No, the point is that the report didn't get sent on Friday - however, by that point, I was pretty much over my responsibility to making that happen.  I had worked the hours, been treated like shit by some of my colleagues and finally washed my hands of it. 

And the real point of this post is my cellphone . . . see, I can get to the point, eventually! ;-)

I recently, thanks to dangerpuddle , came into possession of a 'Taker voice clip which I promptly loaded onto my cellphone for when I get text messages.  And then I did a bit of a trawl through my own stash of 'Taker voice clips, and found one that was perfect as a ringtone.

So this morning, I'm finally sitting down to breakfast after being up for hours doing my workout, and housework and whatever, and I hear my cellphone. 

More precisely, I hear 'Taker saying: Let me remind you of something.  I may not dress like Satan any more, but I am still down with the devil and I will go medieval on your ass!

And then saying it again, because I didn't get to the phone quick enough.

Ask me if I was unhappy with the call from my boss, essentially telling me the report hadn't been sent on Friday, despite all my hard work?


In fact, ask me if I was unhappy when she called back fifteen minutes later, very apologetic, to ask if I could send the report to her again, as the copy I sent Thursday afternoon where I'd been working from home had been corrupted somehow.

-grins even wider-

Now, I probably do owe Kane an apoogy, since I ditched his Slow Chemical theme to make way for 'Taker.  And I'll have to admit, even hearing Kane's old kick-ass entrance music does not compare to the wicked little thrill I'm getting from hearing 'Taker on my cellphone!

Hell, I'm getting such a kick out of it, I'm tempted to just include my cell number in this post so I get more calls!  Of course, that will cause eyebrows to go up in the office tomorrow . . . -evil grin-

Now, to see what I can do with the rest of my day!  Wrong if I'm hoping for more phone calls while I'm at it? ;-)

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