Nephthys (nephthys_abode) wrote,

If I were on Twitter, I would so totally tweet this!

But since I'm not, I'll just have to share it with you lot instead!

So, in the office this morning, we got onto the subject of Michael Hutchence's death - it was a roundabout thing, that started with metal music and ended up with INXS, and then hop, skipped and jumped to being caught dead in a hotel room with your pants around your ankles.  Have I mentioned how much I love my office? ;-)

Anyway, one of the girls, S, was a bit surprised when I said that I didn't think Michael had topped himself.  She was sure that it had been a suicide.

Now, without wanting to be crude, or graphic, I just said, "I don't think he was trying to kill himself.  I just think that he was engaging in an activity which is a bit risky without a safe person there in case things get out of hand."

To which K2 promptly grinned and said, "You need a spotter!"

I nearly died laughing!

I have a feeling that "needing a spotter" is going to join the office lexicon, along with such chucklacious classics as "CBAD" and "you're not the boss of me"!
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