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Random post is random!

Well hello!

Twice in the last two days, I've had colleagues comment that I'm looking very good.  This is a nice feeling!  I have in fact worn jeans to work two days this week, as it's getting cooler here and damn it, since losing all my "insulation", I'm actually feeling it!

Yesterday, I wore jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt tucked into my jeans because hello - I actually have a waist again! 

And I had a tectonic mind shift because the comments were along the lines of how trim my behind was getting.  In fact, one colleague insists she's going to snap a pic of me from behind, because she says I can't see that view and I should! It had me laughing.  Then she said the thing that turned my world view on its ear.

I said something along the lines of "I know I'm still a big girl, but I'm smaller than I was and that's what counts". 

She looked at me quite seriously and said, "That's not a word you can use any more."

I was like, huh what?  And she said that she hasn't known me long, but she would absolutely not describe me as "big".  She says I'm actually rather more on the small side . . . buh?

I'll admit, when I look at myself in the mirror now, I can see my underlying body shape emerging.  And I know that a lot of my size around my hips now is more saggy skin than it is actual flab.  But "small"?  "Trim"?  These are not words that I have ever associated with myself! 

Accepting that, dealing with that emerging reality, is actually going to be quite a challenge.

That project that I was bitching about in one of my last updates?  (Told you this was going to be random!)  Well, it closed on Friday and we ended up with 53 submissions.  Which is astonishing, when I really thought we'd be lucky to get a dozen.  And I'm plowing through them to weed out any that don't meet the minimum criteria . . . and so far, they all do!  Colour me amazed!

I have two new additions to my desk decor that are making me happy - found some WWE sticker/activity books recently (kids get all the best stuff!) and they included these pop out/fold up photo frames.  And so I have 'Taker and Kane on my desk - yummy!

One of my colleagues noticed them today and asked me which one was my favourite.  Like - dude.  Seriously.  I can't choose!  Some days I'm into the big tattooed biker.  Some days I'm all about the pure unmarked perfection of the big half naked bald guy.  I did break the whole office up when I said that I did want to tie both of them down and lick honey out of their bellybuttons . . . what?  People act like it's a crime to want to do that! ;-)

And last, but not least - I have such cred with pre-pubescent boys.  Trufax.  I am so over with that demographic!  -snickering-

One of my colleagues had to bring her eight year old son into the office with her this morning, because when she took him to school, she discovered it had been closed by the Department of Education because they had a case of swine flu.  And it's a mandatory seven day closure to prevent the spread of it.

Gabe's a nice boy, but he was pretty bored in an office full of women.  He kind of mooched around, read a book, and wanted to "help" mum out.  Because he noticed a folder on her desk that said "Return to June" on it.  Which was kind of cool, because it did spur her to actually deal with its contents so that he could do just that.

I didn't think much of it, just thanked him for it and went back to work.

But just before they left, he came up to me and gave me this little shy look and said, "June?  Do you like wrestling?"

And it twigged - he was looking for an excuse to come over and talk to me because he'd seen the 'Taker and Kane pictures on my desk!

-gigglefits-  I told him I did, and asked him who his favourite was, expecting to hear that it was John Cena (who's my nephew's favourite).  Colour me surprised when he pops up with, "The Undertaker!"

We had a little moment then, us two Undertaker fans.  And I get the suspicion that I'm gonna be a topic of conversation for a bit, as the lady who works with mum and likes the wrestling, and the Undertaker!

But when he was leaving with his mum, she said that she figured all of us were just jealous that we didn't have the excuse of having to take someone home to be able to leave the office.  I laughed and said she was right.

Whereupon one of my other colleagues piped up with, "Yeah June, and you wish it was the Undertaker!"

Which made me grin in my most supremely evil fashion.  Of course I didn't deny it either!

Ah well, back to tender evaluations I guess.  And daydreams of what I'd do with the Undertaker if I got to take him home with me! 

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