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And that someone would be me!

Why the fuck can people not do their fucking jobs?  Seriously - do they think I send out an email in big bold letters with a deadline, clearly stated as not negotiable, because I've got nothing better to do?

And when the boss sends an email to say, that deadline really is important, you need to get on this - they figure it's okay to ignore that as well?

And don't bother giving me that bullshit line about how you misread "Tuesday" for "Thursday" either - why the fuck would I ask for something to be provided on my last day in the office for the week?  What am I gonna do with it at that point?

Besides, if you seriously can't read well enough to distinguish simple words like that, we shouldn't be employing you.  Or if it's not your literacy at fault, it's your attention to detail, and well . . . ditto.

What seriously shits me about this situation is that the two people who didn't respond to this are two senior people in terms of time in the job.  They should know better.

And when one of them got a "please explain and by the way you're doing this now, while I stand over your shoulder to make sure you do" from the acting manager, it took her all of thirty minutes.  Thirty fucking minutes that if she'd invested when she got the fucking email last week would have saved me a good day of angst about whether I was going to be able to get this thing done in time.

The final recalcitrant promised me faithfully that she'd do hers this morning, first thing.  She's just arrived in the office, and while she's making the loud "I've got to do this" statements, she's also clearly far more focused on going out of the office for a "meeting" which is clearly just an excuse for an extended kibbitz session.

Yeah, right - not gonna hold my breath on that one.

And seriously, all the apologies and excuses?  Are just not going to cut it.  These guys have got to learn that when they fuck up, it affects more people than just themselves.  And hello?  Trying to deflect attention from your own failure to do your job by pointing the finger at how much leave someone else has had and implying that's why they haven't done theirs - not gonna fly either.  I can cut her some slack because she's been in the job all of five minutes, and it's reasonable that she's going to need a bit of time to get her head around this.  You, on the other hand?  You have no excuse beyond just being inconsiderate and thoughtless.
On the upside though - fresh brewed coffee makes me happy.  Wearing one of my kick-ass 'Taker rosaries also makes me happy.  A discussion about music that's given me some new recommendations to check out also makes me happy.

And today is the end of the work week for me - four day weekend (my usual - be jealous! ;-p ) coming right up!  Might go and see Angels and Demons this weekend.  Or maybe just shop for some winter pants, because I don't think two pairs of pants that are getting too big are going to get me through winter!


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May. 28th, 2009 03:00 am (UTC)
This makes me even more glad that I don't work anymore lol I miss a few people but the rest of it can go jump.
And yay! for shopping! Did I ever tell you, I'm 2 pounds under my pre-baby weight? The only reason I weighed myself was because Mom keeps trying to feed me lol. So what is your goal?
May. 28th, 2009 03:27 am (UTC)
It's kind of tough - I love the girls I work with, really I do. But where most of them (and me) can have fun and joke and laugh but also do our jobs, there are those few who always fuck it up in the doing their job stakes.

Hence my frustration!

Go you for being pre-baby weight! My goal is around 150lbs - it's kind of going to depend what I look like at around that weight, because my dietician insists I've got a lot of muscle mass (from carrying around what amounts to an extra person for so many years!) and it might be that I'd look unhealthy if I get there!

Which means I still have 50lbs to lose - but hey, I've lost 77lbs or so, so go me!

But yay for shopping but no going overboard. Cos whatever I buy is going to fit me only for one winter and I'm not about to invest a fortune in a whole wardrobe for a weight I don't intend to stay at!
May. 29th, 2009 12:37 pm (UTC)
damn woman!!! :(
i'm sorry you're having such a tough time at work. hmph. don't they know who they're messin' with???
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