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Stop the world . . .

. . .  I wanna get off!

I wondered why I was so anxious getting ready for work this morning.  Now I'm in the office, I know.

I've been managing a fairly major project here that's taken up pretty much the last six months of my life.  It's coming down to the wire, and it's all going pear-shaped. 

A screen full of emails with concerns ranging from trivial to serious (including one attempt at bullying that's going to see me biting my virtual tongue rather than smacking a bitch.  Yes Mr "call me Charlie", I'm talking about you, you fat fuck!), and the possibility that all this work in the end will be for little or nothing.

So I'm looking at a solid day of work just trying to deal with that.

Except that on top of that, my new boss has gone on vacation . . . leaving me holding the bag with a major deliverable under our funding agreement.  A deliverable I've had nothing to do with in the past.  That's due by the end of the week. 

To further complicate that little can of worms, I'm relying on some of my colleagues for input, that is due to me today . . . and so far?  One out of five.  So there needs to be chasing and wheedling and hand holding and threatening today as well.

Plus the big pile of mail to be dealt with. 

I'm with Big Evil on this - do not want!

However, in an attempt to salvage something in the way of good mood, things that have made me happy today (a continuing series):

* I won a couple of eBay auctions last night - one for a WWF era Undertaker shirt with the logo "Dark Side be Damned".  Because it always amuses me when JR says 'Taker has a dark side . . . -snickerfits-

* Despite having a bit of "do not want" over this whole "feeling the cold" caper, today I am wearing lovely sexy lace top stockings . . . that now stay up without need for a garter belt because my thighs are thinner!

* Two of my colleagues are having birthdays today, and we're having a lunch together to celebrate!
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