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How to introduce wrestling to your office!


So, hot on the heels of that fabulous Wrestlemania, the internet pre-sale for tickets to the Smackdown/ECW tour in June started. 

I spent the last two days frequenting the ticket site, waiting for the right tickets to be offered to me - I don't like tickets on the floor, because I don't want to be looking at the backs of people's heads as they stand up to see better . . . idiots. 

At last year's Raw tour, we had tickets in a small grandstand area on the outer edge of the floor, which were damn near perfect, and I was hoping for the same again. Unfortunately, that whole section seemed to have been skipped or reserved or something, so we're in the first row of the stadium seating, which by my calculations will only be maybe 20 feet further from the ring than before. 

I was glad I grabbed them, because it wasn't long after that the best possible seating was in row H of that section! 

I celebrated this little coup by creating a new ring tone for my cellphone from Kane's theme (Finger Eleven's Slow Chemical, in case you're wondering - it's a great track, quite apart from it being Kane's entrance). 

I'm rather excited to be seeing the Big Red Machine in the flesh again - last time was just after that hideous unmasking fiasco, and he really only did the entrance with his head covered by a towel, slammed someone in the ring and was gone. I better see a damn match this time! 

You can't blame me for being fixated on him lately, seeing as I'm hip-deep in a pair of Kane fics, and I am still so stoked about him getting the ECW belt at Wrestlemania. 

Anyway, I was fairly bubbling when I got to the office this morning - my new Kane ringtone installed, announcing to my other early starter colleagues that I had secured my tickets to the wrestling! This of course caused much amusement, as it always does. 

The boss is working from home today, so the mood in the office is rather jovial. Not that the boss is an ogre or anything, just human nature I think! The Executive Director was up on our floor earlier, while we were all laughing about something, and he kidded us about working so hard. I told him it had nothing to do with the boss working from home at all, and I got a cheeky grin in return and a "Sure, I believe you, you always have parties on Wednesdays, right?" 

Our team is split over two sites, and many of us work part time, so to keep everyone up to date on who is where, there's an email sent out each morning from each site, detailing who is where. This morning's missive had the subject line "The ins and outs of Brisbane office". 

That started an email conversation about whether this referred to people's bellybuttons, and one of my colleagues sent around a pic of some pudgy bloke's cavernous inny, to everyone's disgust. 

Now, bear in mind my current extreme fixation with Kane, and the fact that the man really does have the most enchanting inny, and suddenly I was being tormented with wild mental images of that navel! So I found a yummy pic and sent it around with the (admittedly plagiarised) caption, "That ain't an inny . . . this is an inny!" 

But then I did have to actually get down to some real work, which right now is beginning the massive and tedious task of compiling our quarterly report. I rely on our project officers for a lot of the content for this report, and I've taken to breaking it down into smaller tasks and emailing them. 

To make it fun, I usually pick a theme. For instance, I've used LOLcats, superheroes and, at Christmas time, it was Jim Carrey's Grinch. And then I get to do the fun thing of finding bits of dialogue or captions that kind of tie in.
Yeah I know - but what do you expect from someone as creative as I am, doing a detail oriented job as I do? Something just has to give! 

I was a bit at a loss for a theme for this one - I was kind of toying with a delayed Easter motif, just so I could use the wonderful Aussie expression for Easter eggs, "over-decorated chicken bum-nuts"! I usually offer prizes in the form of chocolate for the first one to get their information to me, so I could have used some chocolate Easter eggs too. 

And then an even better idea hit me . . . wrestling!  

The first task went out with the following text, and the picture above of Trips:

Hidey-ho campers!

It’s April, so you know what that means? It’s quarterly report time! Yay!

Anyway, to get the ball rolling, and in celebration of the fact that Wrestlemania was on Monday, and I got my tickets to the live event in Brisbane yesterday, I think this report’s theme should be . . . you guessed it! The wonderful world of professional wrestling!

This is Triple H. He’s utterly delicious in the flesh!

And Trips wants you to tell me all about what you’ve done against the national priorities between January 1 and March 31!

The table is below (where necessary, I’ve left in last report’s contribution in red to prompt for an update, otherwise this is just a list of what workshops you’ve done, slotted in to show how they meet the national priorities) – contributions to me, of course, and then I won’t send the Game after you!

Of course, as you might expect, when the email headed "Quarterly Report - project officer task 1" hit inboxes, there was the usual chorus of disapproval - no one likes doing the damn report, after all.

Once the first person opened the email and saw the pic and text, there was an uproar! "What the hell is this, Aunty?" (one of the project officers calls me Aunty, because I look a lot like her aunt)

That sent them all scrambling to find out what she was talking about, and the laughter just kept getting louder. Then the admin girls wanted in on the joke, so I had to send the email to them, of course! -winks-

The consensus is that he isn't gorgeous, and I have to admit, perhaps he isn't classically good looking from the neck up. But as always, I had to point them to his exceptionally fine physique!  

One of them has managed to crack me up completely by referring to him as "that Mister H fellow"! 
However, the final word must go to one of my project officers for this response to the task at hand:

I don’t know how long it will take me to do this. I fear that if I get in first the prize might be Triple H himself

Not a chance, chica!! If I had him, you honestly think I'd be giving him away?

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