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And just to top DILLIGAF . . .

K:  (joking about something) T, don't start something you can't finish!

Me: (quoting from HBK circa 2002)  Don't hunt what you can't kill!

K2: -mad boggling-

Me: Oh, I can't take credit for that one - it was used by a wrestler

K2: -more mad boggling- "Don't hump what you can't kill"?

Whole office: -cracking up-

Me: -dying laughing-  Hunt - H. . . U . . . N . . . T !

K2:  I was going to say, what the hell is a wrestler doing saying "Don't hump what you can't kill!!"

It's still making me giggle.  Puts a whole new spin on the Trips/HBK feud from back then, huh?
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