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Did you hear that sound?

That was my brain breaking!

And I've only been in the office 90 minutes - that's a new record!

I worked from home yesterday, which was terrific in terms of what I accomplished, but I miss the girls so much . . . even if they are breaking my brain.

What just sent me over the edge was K's voice saying (and I have no idea the context of this, which is probably why it done broke my brain), in a bright and cheery tone, "I'm on the big girl toilet now!"

Also, because this really is worth sharing - hot on the heels of K with her CBAD (Can't Be Arsed Disorder), comes this from S. 

DILLIGAF.  To be said in a bright and cheery tone to one's incredibly annoying boss, usually when said boss has just said or done something that has piled the shit higher and deeper around your desk.

And what does it stand for?  Now remember, this must be kept secret from annoying bosses, so that DILLIGAF can continue to be a source of endless amusement for us wage slaves!

Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck . . .

-mad snickerfits-
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