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Look away now if you don't want to know what happened at Wrestlemania!!!


Oh my god, what a night!!!

Yes, the pictures tell the story of my utter utter delight at tonight's Pay Per View - finally finally Kane gets the push he deserves, winning the ECW Championship Belt. And the grin on Glenn's face as he left the ring said he was pretty damned pleased to be holding it too!

And the match between Edge and 'Taker for the World Heavyweight Championship was absolutely unbeatable - some matches with their back and forth two counts are a bit "Yeah yeah, get it over with already", but this one had me - jaded and cynical old broad that I am - on the edge of my seat with excitement.

You better believe I was whooping for joy when 'Taker scored the win with that new submission move and made Edge tap the fuck out! Even after Edge tried everything he could to cheat his way to victory.

But those weren't the only great matches on the night, so perhaps it's time for a recap.

JBL vs Finlay in the Belfast Brawl - well come on, guys, let's call it what it really was, a hardcore match. A tamed down version, at least - no barbed wire or fire chairs. I'm never gonna be a big fan of JBL, but I gotta love Finlay for being an Irishman. I have to admit, this match did not really catch my attention, although I was utterly fascinated by the fact that the event was held in an open air stadium and began in daylight! I assume that the stadium has a retractable roof, in case it rained!

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match - well, again with these multiple entrants matches, I kind of never know where to watch, but this one again wasn't that much of an attention grabber.

Partly, I'll admit, because Jeff wasn't there - and goddamn it, if there's one guy who's a fucking star at ladder matches, it's Jeff! It makes me so mad that he was so stupid to be messing with drugs, when he knows the WWE has a testing policy. I want to kick his ass for him, the lovable bastard.

But hey, there were some good bits, and some damn high risk moves that looked as spectacular as hell. And how excited was I to see Matt Hardy crash the party to take out MVP! Matt's looking good, after his knee injury and then the bad luck of his appendicitis - and I totally sympathise with him, because I've had both and wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. Hopefully he'll get to take the US Championship from MVP soon!

Batista versus Umaga was the kind of match I figured it would be - but on a side note, how funny is it that William Regal can't or won't pronounce Umaga's name correctly? I kind of new Batista would take that match - just because he's well, Batista!

I'd give a detailed analysis of the match between Kane and Chavo Guerrero but . . . um . . . well, it wasn't much of a match! Chavo was so busy looking up the ramp for Kane and posturing that he didn't listen when the ref told him Kane had come into the ring.

I kinda feel that Glenn was a little robbed by having him just grab Chavo and slam him into a pin to win the match. Then again, I didn't watch the 24 man Battle Royale that gave him the title shot - perhaps he got to really show his ability there. The little they showed during 'Mania bears that out.

It will be interesting, seeing how CM Punk won the Money in Bank match - and that was a cool result, I think Punk's got real talent. However, I wonder now how long they'll let Kane hold the belt, because you just know that's the title Punk's gonna be gunning for. Here's hoping they draw it out for a while, make it worth watching.

There aren't words for how I feel about the Bunny Mania Lumberjack Match . . . everyone knows how I feel about the T&A brigade. Funny that they lost the lighting in the middle of the match - I can't believe that was planned, because they didn't capitalise on it the way they might have. Still impressed by my gal Beth Phoenix, but damnit all, what's with the squealing and hair pulling crap the rest of them go on with?

The Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair match was un-freakin-believable, seriously. It was a real showcase by two guys who have forgotten more about wrestling than a lot of the current superstars have ever known. And damn, my heart almost broke when Shawn mouthed, "I'm sorry, I love you" to Ric before hitting him with Sweet Chin Music and ending his career.

Watching Shawn walk up the ramp, you had to really feel for him - on the one hand, this is obviously what Ric wanted, to go out on top, at the biggest show of the year, in a hell of a match with no pity or going easy on him, but Shawn will carry that with him, that he ended the Nature Boy's career.

Also loved seeing Ric with his family ringside after the match.

The triple threat match for the WWE title was a damn good match for being a triple threat - All three guys were at the top of their games, and instead of the typical "two guys battling while the third is incapacitated" stuff, there was a bit more threeway action . . . why does that sound pornographic? Perhaps I shouldn't admit to, for the first time ever, having somewhat slashy thoughts while watching Trips and Randy rolling about together on the ECW announce table! Those tanned bare legs and butts in tighties . . . yummy!

I was disappointed that Randy kept the belt - I don't think I was alone in thinking it was time he gave it up, and I know my nephew will be unhappy. But hey, Trips and Cena will still have plenty of shots at Randy, so things could still work out for the best!

That whole Big Show against the bitty boxer thing . . . what a fucking waste of time, and what a gyp for Show. Give the man some actual matches against some of the other big guys on the rosters, let's see some serious ring-shaking smackdowns happening. Enough with the setting him against little tiny blokes - he's a big bloke, we're not blind, we get it, okay? He doesn't have to be pitted against the little blokes so we all say "Jeez, look how big he is!"

That was actually a good match for taking a quick bathroom break, grabbing a drink . . .

And then the headline match, and rightly so - Edge versus 'Taker. It really was a stellar example of why 'Taker has been undefeated at Wrestlemania - he's just fucking awesome for a guy who's been wrestling as long as he has.

So yes, happy little fanbrat here - and I'm gonna enjoy watching the whole thing again tonight!

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