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Update and . . . buh?

Saw my surgeon this morning, for the usual three monthly checkup.

Seven (almost 8 months) post surgery, and I have officially dropped 50% of my excess weight! 66 pounds gone, 66 more (give or take a few) to go!

I'm personally a bit disappointed it's not more, but that is my own fault. I "fell off the wagon" with healthy mindful eating this last few months. But at least I recognise what happened, and why - it started with the awful news about my boss, and frankly I continued to use that as an excuse to "spoil" myself. I did lose weight, but not very much.

So today, when I had my band tightened again, I've hit the "reset" button. I'm back on my liquid diet for a few days, which I intend to extend to four days. Because being on that very low calorie meal replacement will hopefully knock the sugar cravings on the head firmly, so that when I can go back to solid food, I'm not so tempted to . . . I was going to say "be bad", but that's wrong. I just want to make better choices, and put those "sometimes" foods back in their proper place - to be had rarely, and enjoyed more as a result.

But the health news is still very good - last week I saw my endocrinologist for my six monthly diabetic review. My blood work is superb - I've been seeing her for two years, and in that time (and as a result of the banding and subsequent weight loss), I've achieved the following:

* My fasting blood sugar was 4.3, and HbAa1c (long term blood sugar measurement) is 5.6 - which is what non-diabetics usually have. And I'm doing that without medications.

* My cholesterol is under control for the first time - triglycerides are low, and good cholesterol is up, which is a good thing.

* My liver panel is back to normal, so the fatty liver disease I had when I first saw her has completely been reversed.

* I have gone from having iminent microalbumeneria (kidney disease) to normal readings, because my blood pressure and sugar control is so good. This is very good news, because it means I no longer have to pee in a jar every six months to have that tested - yay!

* I've gone from needing four blood pressure medications to just two, and on this last visit, the dose on one of those was cut back because my blood pressure's gone from always being marginally high to being low!

* The peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) in my feet has gone from being almost crippling some days to being a mere annoyance at times. I have more sensation than I did too, which may mean the myelin is actually reforming.

And of course the big plus is that I feel and look so much better!

I do have half a dozen needle sticks in my tummy, because the port shifted a little and my surgeon had to do a bit of a fishing expedition to find it, but that's a minor annoyance.

The buh, though? I have freakin' homework from my doctor's visit! He's asked me to write a testimonial for his obesity clinic webpage, because he thinks I'm an excellent case study. Said testimonial to include before and after pictures. One of my colleagues has a pic on her Facebook of me before that is truly awful (in terms of showing how big I was) but I think I'll ask her if I can get it, because I do want to show exactly how far I've come. Plus this is an excuse to get some new pictures taken of myself . . . now there's a major change! Before, I hated to have my picture taken!

When I'm done, I shall pimp out the webpage so all can see, and yes, I will share the pictures too!
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