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Oh crap - I've been tagged!

But since it's alex_royale , I guess I might take the dreaded meme plunge!  Doing this quick like bunnies before going back to work . . .

01. Make a list of 5 things you can see:

Computer screen
iPAQ doing double duty as MP3 player
Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal desk calendar
Cellphone (complete with Evil Overlord bling!)
Amazing pack of 90 (that's nine-zero) stylos a encre gel or gel pens that I snapped up in Costco in Montreal (I have a thing for gel pens - why do you ask?)

02. Would you ever get plastic surgery?

You betcha buns I would - already planning it, in fact!  Once I've shed all my excess pounds, I'll be having surgery to remove all the saggy excess skin left over.  And getting boobies of the plastic variety, since mine are still shrinking and sagging - wahhhhhh!

03. What is your favorite guilty pleasure food in the fridge/freezer?

I'm not sure I have a guilty one.  Favourite pleasure food comes from the freezer - frozen banana and mixed berries in the blender with half a cup of skim milk, a handful of ice cubes and maybe some artificial sweetener = yummy breakfast shake!

04. What is your career dream?


05. Do you nap a lot?

I don't nap - it makes me even grouchier than I was before trying to sleep.  I'd rather stick it out and go to bed early!

06. What was your first celebrity crush?

Hmmmm . . . might have been Donny Osmond.  Or David Cassidy. 

07. What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?

You're talking to a woman who's been wearing a version of 'Taker's rosary all week . . . WRESTLING!

08. What are you listening to right now?

Party People - Nelly ft Fergie

09. Do you read fanfic? What are you reading now?

I do. I read it, I write it.  Enjoying rkowhore79 's Torn Apart, even if I'm determinedly not thinking about Codiasi as I do!  Wish some more people I knew were writing!  (That's a hint, utssq  - your recent short story just makes me jones for more of your wonderful fic!)

10. What websites do you always visit when you go online?

LJ, Facebook,, The Adventures of Citizen X (Glenn Jacob's political blog - we have wildly diverging political leanings, but he's always so articulate and reasoned that I'm fascinated)

11. What was the last thing you bought? 

A new top - five sizes smaller than I was wearing pre-surgery!  And not at a plus size shop - w000t!  Go me!  Plus sexy new bras and panties - also no longer plus sized!

12. Cutest thing you have seen:

Baby tigers being walked on a leash!!  And I got to pet them!  Sooooooooooooooo cute and cuddly!

13. Does the weather affect your mood?

Not generally, no

14. What is your zodiac sign?


15. Name a movie that you've watched so many times that you've lost count of the exact number of times that you've watched it.

Steel Magnolias

16. Guilty pleasure pastimes?

Wrestling fanfic - writing it and reading it!  And watching True Blood, which is just wicked!!

17. Do you have any siblings?

One brother, two sisters - all younger. 

18. What's something you plan to do today?

Meet with my boss and the new project manager about contracts, then go home, exercise and watch RAW

19. What are your plans for next weekend?

It's Easter!  Going to catch up with an old friend, hopefully get some writing done, and not pine for the fact that I can't eat hot cross buns any more.  May indulge in a little chocolate though!

20. Say something to the people you tagged:

I won't tag, don't ask me!  But if the feeling comes upon you, then "Doooooooo iiiiiiittttttt!"  Planning my new career as Temptation! ;-)
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