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Quick update . . .

. . . while I have a mug of tea and kick start my brain before donning my Evil Overlord hat for the week!

Just some random things that have been rattling around my brain and bear reporting . . . well, probably not, but what the hell, I have to post something in this thing besides endless fic works-in-progress!

And on that first topic, the fic writing is going rather well! In fact, as I've said to a couple of people recently, I'm having way too much fun writing Fireworks at the moment! So hopefully there's another chapter in the works this week.

While I'm on wrestling, I do want to say how sad I was to hear of Andrew "Test" Martin's death over the weekend. I always really enjoyed him on WWE, but he dropped off the radar in recent years. I had no idea he was so young though - 33 is too damn young to die, no matter what the circumstances. Vale Test . . .

Went to see Watchmen on the weekend - now, that was a nice surprise! Knew absolutely nothing about the comic, or the movie, or anything really, so I went in with zero expectations.

Correction: hubby told me it was made by the same guy who made 300, which ranks up there as one of my favourite movies of all time ("Because only Spartan woman can give birth to real men" - Queen Gorgo FTMFW!), so I was expecting it to be visually appealing at the very least.

Hope the comic purists won't be offended by my thoughts!

I thought the movie did a great job of thumbnailing the history of the Watchmen to bring the audience of great unwashed (i.e. me) up to speed before the action really started. The story itself was interesting, and the characters sympathetic.

But what I really loved was the music - the sixties classics, the seventies and eighties stuff, all had me on a big ol' nostalgia kick. The standout moment though was the scene in Antarctica at the end of the movie, after the final battle, with Mozart's Requiem playing. Ohhhh, I'm getting goosebumps just remembering it!
My boss had her surgery last week. The organisation's been really great for us, we met with the Executive Director last week (on the day of her surgery, coincidentally) who told us he was proud we were keeping on with the job, but reiterated he wanted us to recognise that we weren't at full capacity - either staffing-wise or from the perspective of our emotional wellbeing - and that no one expected us to be.

He's given us carte blanche to dismiss anything other than core business, and to delay anything that can be delayed, rather than stressing ourselves about it. Which is good news from my perspective, because I have been stressing about one thing, and realistically, it can be delayed so it can be done properly.

We all got a text message on Friday from one of the other managers, giving us the post-surgery update on my boss - the surgery went well, and she was resting comfortably. She was discharged from the hospital over the weekend, and she's let us know that she's okay, just in shock at the moment. I think that even though she'd had time to think about the surgery leading up to it, the reality of it was probably like a brick to the face.

We're hoping to see her next week, which is our biannual staff development week. Three days out of the office, which surprisingly I'm actually looking forward to for a change. For one, there's no damn dress up theme - yay!

But I've been elected as team captain for croquet on Wednesday afternoon . . . which should prove amusing! I plan on taking my flogger and handcuffs with me - what? Aren't they standard motivational tools? ;-) They don't call me the Evil Overlord for nothing, you know!

I plan not to shy away from the camera this time, as well - which is another big change!
And I guess that's the last part of the update. Still dropping pounds gradually - I'm almost at the point where I'll have to start wearing my wedding and engagement rings on my middle finger, because they're getting too loose on my ring finger. And I don't plan to have them resized until I've lost most of the excess weight. They'll actually fit on my middle finger now . . . which I find pretty amazing!

I've rediscovered - or perhaps discovered - a desire to look pretty for me, not just for others. I deserve to wear pretty clothes and jewelry to make myself feel good all the time, even if I am staying home alone. And when I go out, I'm making even more of an effort.

I've been wearing jewelry I've owned for years that has languished in jewelry boxes unworn for, in some cases, decades. I'm loving using my nice body lotions and face creams to keep my skin looking lovely, and perfume is becoming my new obsession, just after dangerpuddle</lj>'s beautiful jewelry!

(And just on that note, if you haven't checked out her Etsy store lately, you should! She's been doing some wire wrapping work and for someone who's only just started, she's pretty damn good at it!)

And the last thing that bears saying is that I've had a couple of moments lately where I've caught sight of myself in the mirror or in a reflection, and I don't recognise myself! Now that is an odd feeling - but a good one!
Right - it's that time. Work beckons . . . well, gives a kind of half-hearted wave and a "So, you wanna, like, do this?" anyway!

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