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Update . . . okay, no really, it's just a big ol' brag post!

This week at work, one of my colleagues broke out the camera - there's some new staff, and she wanted to send pics to our other office so they could put faces to names. And one of the girls got engaged last week (squee!) and there needed to be pictures of the ring sent. You know, important stuff ;-)

And this colleague has been teasing me about how I look different every day, and I challenged her - told her I needed a new photo for our webpage.

Now, this is a pretty major thing in itself - I have always hated having my photo taken. Because, well, I didn't look very good. Now? Different story all together!

Now, to refresh everyone's memories, first let me show you the first set of "before and later" pics that I posted in November last year.

And now, let's see the next set . . .

The colours are wonky (different camera, different photographer) but . . . size doesn't lie!

Check out cute new frameless glasses! And the earrings are from dangerpuddle's Etsy store - aren't they gorgeous? The blouse is one I got in Canada . . . getting a little too big already!

But hell - check out my smile! And how much thinner my face is! How much thinner I am!

I am well pleased . . . although, colour washout notwithstanding, I am planning on having foils put through my hair again, because they look so pretty. And because they'll look even better now my face looks prettier!

That's all I wanted to say . . . terrible, isn't it? ;-)
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